Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Car!

I bought a new car today! I have been wanting a new car for a while now, since my civic hasn't been running very well and I'm always scared it's going to break down on me. Jarod and I discussed a new car, and we decided to hold off and buy one for about $7000.00 at the end of the summer, before my long commute to school starts. However, the other day one of his bosses asked if Jarod knew anyone who might want to buy his 1994 VW Jetta. Jarod mentioned he was interested, and he got it for only $1800.00! It is dark, dark purple (dusty mauve, I'm told). It has a sun roof, four doors, air conditioning, and is a 5-speed. It was dropped off today and I got to take it for a spin when I got home from work. So thrilled! It is worth much, much more than $1800. It has lots of kilometers, but Jarod said it should run fine for about two years and then we can maybe replace the engine.

I have also been busy taking a self portrait every day. Today was number 19. I'm so proud of myself for sticking to it... I'm pretty bad a that usually. I think it's really making me a better photographer. I'm starting to notice lighting much more and am trying to be inventive with my shots (such as the Snow White one). Check out all of my self-portraits here.

My parents are off sailing together. So happy for them :)

I have a new boss at work and he seems to really like me. I have been put at the business wicket two days in a row, which is where the senior tellers usually go. I also told him that I'll be going back to school in September and will only be able to work Saturdays. He said that would most likely be fine! Pheewph, I'll really need the money!

I think that's enough of an update for now... I worked 34 hours this week!

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.freckled.nest. said...

congrats on the new car! don't forget to transfer your su sticker? ;)
that's an amazing price!