Thursday, July 05, 2007


It is so, so hot outside these days! As soon as I leave the house I can feel my skin getting all sticky with sweat. Yuck. I like cold weather, when I can wrap myself in a blanket to get warm. It's so much harder to cool off than get warmer.

Last night the fire alarm in my building went off FIVE times. Every unit has two alarms inside them as well, one happens to be right beside my computer, and the other is in my bedroom. The first time it went off I left with Gizmo (because aren't you supposed to LEAVE when an alarm goes off?) I think there were maybe about 10 people from the entire building that went outside! I took Gizmo for a walk and then we heard the fire trucks coming. They told us it was a false alarm and then Gizzy and I headed back upstairs to watch Canada's Next Top Model. About an hour later, the alarm went off again! The fire trucks came back, this time without their sirens blaring, and I decided to stay inside. They turned it off and left, and then a little bit later it went off another time! The last time it went off was at 12:30am! So annoying... but at least I know I'd be warned if we had a real fire!

Tonight I had a meeting with Shannon and Ryan. They want me to do their engagement photo's, as well as their wedding photography! They are getting married this October. I am so, so excited! I showed them an album of my best photographs, and they loved them. They told me what they wanted, and now I am in the process of figuring out how much to charge. I did a bit of research and most wedding photographers charge between $1600-$5000. That seems like a crazy amount of money to me, but now that I've started to add up the costs I can see why they charge so much. I have so many idea's for cool shots to do, so glad to have the opportunity!


simplepleasures said...

hey sweetie!
1 month to go!!! countdown time til mike and i are in our house! i wish you could be here to help to figure out where everything would go best! if i give you the dimensions of everything could you make your little paper cut outs like you used to do? i hope that you and jarod can come out this winter, i have to work the whole time, but it would be nice to see you guys for a few days after you get out of school!! oh yeah, and also, i added another posting on pinch of salt.... check it out.
i love you!

Carla said...

that is so exciting that you are getting yor photography business going. dont be afraid to charge a good amount. you want them to believe you are worth it :) its crazy how people think. its all about the "luxury item pricing".

hope you are having a great summer!

Nicki said...

Thats an awesome opportunity. Good luck with figuring out pricing. Thats always the hard part.