Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Art Challenge: Number Two

For the second challenge, I invented as I went along. Feel free to do the same by doing your own thing with it.

Step One:
Print out a photo on regular paper in black and white. I printed mine at 8"x10". Then trim off excess white around the image.

Step Two:

Cut image in to squares. I did mine 1"x1", but you can choose whatever size you like.

Next, glue down on to another piece of paper. I glues my image directly in to my art journal. Leave out random squares, keeping them for reference for the next step.

Step Three:

Draw the lines from the missing squares in. Don't focus on detail, just the general outline of objects.

Step Four:
Use pencil crayons to colour in your squares, and then add decorations around the outside of your image!
Other ideas:
Instead of squares, cut photo in to strips.
Use decorative paper to replace the missing squares.
Instead of removing squares, colour some of them before you glue them all down.
Now let me see what you can create!

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pssst said...

Great art challenge. I think we are going to try it. Thanks for the ideal.