Monday, June 04, 2007

Flickr Mosaic

1. Cinderella (The morning after),
2. El colibrí esmeralda,
3. F.B.I. Ils sont partout...........,
4. Gotcha!,
6. .make a wish.,
7. Feeding time for a baby white tiger,
8. A Pregnant Seahorse,
9. Pregnant and Abandoned,
10. Anna Pregnant,
12. Untitled,
13. A Poppy Crop,
14. Almost Glowing,
15. yum,
16. Untitled,
17. Good old Blue Eyes,
19. Untitled,
20. Untitled,
21. Got ya,
22. IMG_2393b,
23. Eating Meat Is Cannibalism,
24. Crime Scene,


.freckled.nest. said...

yippee. i'm in a mosaic!

It's 12:51am, i can now OFFICIALLY (winnipeg-time) wish you a Happy-Happy Birthday!!!! Love you Miss.Sunshine! This is going to be a good year!! HAAAAAAAAPPY Birthday!!!

Nicki said...

Hey thats very cool.

To answer your question on my blog, no I don't work at cs anymore. I went down to one day at the R store in nov and then quit in january. In nov I was offered a rocking accounting job which is what I'm going to school for so I couldn't pass it up.

Oh and I take it a Happy Birthday is in order lol