Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Camping and Jarod's Birthday!!

My vacation was wonderful! Jarod went white water rafting from June 15th-17th. I worked on Saturday, and then had a full week off. I spent the rest of Saturday cleaning, and Jarod was happy when he came home on Sunday. On Tuesday we borrowed Jarod's parents truck and trailer, and drove up the mountain to Alice Lake. There were hardly any other people there, and the weather was beautiful... for the first two days at least.

We went hiking up a big hill with a gorgeous view at the top. It was quite the hike, especially since I am really out of shape. I didn't give up though, and I'm really proud of myself for continuing!

The lake was too cold to swim in though, and after playing cards, playing catch with a Velcro ball, reading magazines, hiking, throwing stones, and playing horseshoes, Jarod got bored. We went to a movie on Wednesday night in Squamish (Fantastic Four). Thursday we went into Whistler for a nice day outing, and visited all of the little shops. When we got back to the campground it started raining and when Jarod suggested we go to another movie we decided to head home. Camping is great when the weather is nice, or when you have a big group of friends... but for just the two of us sitting in our tent in the cold, we knew we'd have more fun at home. So we drove home Thursday night and spent most of Friday cleaning our condo, getting rid of all the things we never use like old books and clothes.

On Saturday we went to my parents boat for dinner. Two of my second cousins from Ontario came as well, along with their friend Robin and my brother. Jarod and I left right after dinner to head home because we were having people over to celebrate Jarod's birthday, and then my cousins and their friend stopped by for a visit later on in the evening. I haven't seen then since I was 14, so it was nice to catch up.

I made Jarod's friends watch the deleted scenes on the Goonies DVD. A scene was cut where an octopus attacks them in the water near the end... but it is the most ridiculous looking thing! It is so fake and robotic, and to scare it off they put a radio in its mouth and it dances away. It's so finny! I see why they cut it from the movie!

Sunday was Jarod's birthday. He turned 25. We went to the Ladner Village Market with my friend Stacey and her boyfriend Paul, and then for dinner we had a BBQ at his parents house. It was lots of fun and I came up with a "Jarod Trivia" game that everyone seemed to enjoy.

For Jarod's birthday present I bought him a fish tank. He loved it, and bought two Oscars to go in it. We named them Frank and Herman. Gizmo likes to watch them :)

My craft room is more organized now, so I am planning on doing a few projects from my to-do list tonight! I work Monday-Friday this week, but they're all 5 hour shifts. At least I get to sleep in a bit!

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