Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Officially 22.

I had a levely birthday this year. On Saturday I worked in the morning, and then had friends over in the evening. More people came than I expected which was great. We only deided to have people over about two days before, so I was amazed that so many people could come!

My friends gave me lots of great gifts, including a box full of yummy Body shop product from Jenna and Rob, a funky bottle of wine from Stacey and Paul, an adorable book from Devon, and more!

Gizmo enjoying the party :)

Me in my pretty, new dress

Chelsea relaxing!

Party time!



Jenna and Gizmo

Sam, Megan, and me

The lovely Chelsea


Rob and Jenna


Adam, Devon, Paul

Stacey :)

Me and Carrie

Paul and Gimo.

Megan and Gizmo.

Jarod and me!

Megan brought me a beautiful bouquet!

On Sunday we drove out to Jarod's parent's house and cleaned out my car. It was such a mess, and looks so pretty now :) Afterwards we drove to Ladner and had dinner with my parents on the boat to celebrate my dad's birthday.

Monday Jarod and I both ended up feeling miserable, and both had to phone in sick to work. Monday night we both stayed up watching movies until midnight so Jarod could give me my gift. He gave me a gift certificate for Le Chateau to buy new shoes, as well as a novel by a really good author. He also purchased a CD player from his friend Adam to put in my car since my other one was stolen.

Tuesday June 5th (the big day!):

We had my parents, my brother, Jarod's parents, Jarod's sister and Jarod's grandma over to celebrate. Jarod made a lovely dinner of gazpacho, roasted root vegetables, pasta, and sesame asparagus. Jarod's mom brought over a delicious salad, I made some strudels for dessert, and my mom brought a vegan chocolate cake that she bought at my favorite restaurant, The Naam.

I received so many wonderful gifts.

My sister sent out gifts for Jarod and I (his birthday is June 24th). She gave me two awesome shirts, a necklace, and two pretty bracelets. Everything is exactly my taste.

My brother gave me LoveLife, a book by Kal Barteski that I have been wanting since I met her at ARTistry. She is such an inspiration for me, and she even signed the book before mailing it! Really excited to cozy up with a blanket and read it.

My parents gave me lots of goodies, including a gift certificate to MooShoes (an online vegan shoe store)! They also gave me two vegan cookbooks, and a tank top from the Naam!

My grandpa and grandma from Toronto both sent me money, and I recieved a very pretty card from my Aunt Jane.

Jarod's grandma gave me a lovely vase in the shape of a swan that had roses in it, very pretty.

Jarod's parent's gave me a beautiful plant holder to go out on our deck because I've been mentioning how I want to grow flowers out there. They also gave me another of my favorite movies, Romancing the Stone.

It was a wonderful evening, although I did start to get pretty exhausted by the end. It's been a long couple of days!

Cleo and Gizmo, hanging out.

Making a wish!

Here comes the cake!

Jarod having dessert.

My mom.

The vegan cake!

Love Life, a gift from my brother. Kal even signed it for me!

The best movie ever!

A cute penguin statue from my Nana.

Today I slept in late, and then went to the mall to use my gift certificate from Jarod! I bought two pashmina's, a cute sweatshirt, and a gorgeous pair of heels.


Carla said...

happy birthday. it sounds like you had a few days of celebration. congratulations. how cool that Kal signed your book!

simplepleasures said...

hey sweetie!
ali-oop, time for an update!
i need to know the current scoops to stay in the know!
love ya, muwa**** xoxox

Kal said...

Happy Birthday Alice! I'm glad the book got to you in time and your Mom was so sweet to talk with on the phone. Happy birthday again - hope this is a terrific year for you.