Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Jarod's friend Adam, the party host, ready to groove to some eight-tracks!

On the weekend Jarod and I went to an eight-track party at his friend Adam's house. We were the first people there, so I entertained myself by taking photo's of his fish tank. He had the most adorable mini frogs too! The purpose of the party was to raise money for a walk for Cancer that Adam will be doing, and people could either bring eight-tracks to listen to or money to donate. Adam owns an entire dresser full of them! It was lots of fun listening to older music... much different than what you hear on the radio now!

Tomorrow I work from 1:15 to 6:15 at the credit union. After that, I'll be heading over to my parent's boat to have dinner with my dad. He's making us a big salad for dinner. My mom is still in Edmonton visiting her mom, but I think she should be coming home soon. After dinner with my dad I'll be going to a going-away party for my good high-school friend Jody who is moving to Alberta. It will be nice to see old friends from school who I've lost touch with.

I'm really wanting to start a daily art journal... but I have to be totally committed to it. I also need a fresh new sketchbook for it. I have plenty of sketchbooks, but they're all about half filled and I want to be as messy as I like with my art journal. I'm also thinking I want it to be pretty big, so I can go crazy on the pages. I'm adding it to my birthday wish list :)

I saw some aqua high heels at Le Chateau yesterday and I fell in love! I really need new shoes for work since my boots were stolen and Gizmo ate another pair. Adding them to my wish list too :) I also love the look of pashmina's and want one in every colour! They look great tied around the neck, and if I get cold... instant blanket!

I have three days off this weekend which has me almost giddy. Plans to go out with my friend Chelsea on Monday, but that's all I've set up so far! Jarod also booked our campsite at Alice Lake for our vacation in June. I'm really excited about it!

Note: I was looking up links to add to this post and I came across this dress (the black and white floral print). I am so in love!!


.freckled.nest. said...

ogggg big salad! claim it!
LOVE that dress too!
What's the story on the Hot Pink outfit!?! Is that Jarod?

Marie said...

Pashimas! I LOVE THEM and have one in almost every colour.

I'll tell you a little secret - Coombs Market on the Van Island.

You can get them there for $10 each!

Marie said...

BTW - Black floral dress - TOTALLY you! You should buy it and get a hot pink pashima to wear with it!