Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who cursed me?

Yesterday I got a bill from the government. I've been getting GST cheques, and apparently since I live with Jarod, they want the money back. So now I owe $200.00. It's not my fault that they were sending me money and I spent it!

Then today I worked in Ladner from 1:15-5:15, and on my drive home my car started acting funny. As I pulled up to a red light, with lots of cars behind me, my car turned off and wouldn't re-start. I had to get two people to help me push it over to a parking lot. Then, crying (remember I'm super emotional!), I phoned Jarod. He was at work and told me to phone his parents since they lived nearby, but they weren't answering. I phoned my dad and then waited for about 30min. in the boiling heat for him to come. Luckily he's a mechanic and was able to hook up a temporary solution so that I could drive it to Jarod's parent's house. He put an extra battery he had in my passengers seat, and then hooked up jumper cables from it through my window to my car battery. I stayed there for a bit, and then Jarod's sister, Megan, gave me a ride home.

Luckily I have a day off tomorrow, but I'm going to have to spend it getting my car fixed.

please, please no more bad luck!


simplepleasures said...

hey sweetie!
i'm soooo sorry that that happened to you! i remember once i was driving home from the archaeology dip a few summers ago and i was driving through north delta when the bronco died on me!!! i had to take a taxi home and ugh!!! it ended up being the battery cables were disconnected! but it was the most upsetting day! i know how you feel babe, it'll get better though, i promise!

Marie said...

Alice I'm sorry you are having car & money bad luck. I was having a bit of bad car luck myself for a while but it seems to be getting better (3 car accidents in 2 years - the last 2 were just 4 months apart!).
Sometimes you just have to ride the wave and get through it. Your luck will turn eventually - it has too you're just too nice and kind a person.
So just keep smiling and thinking happy thoughts - sing a little tune if it helps you!
I went out of my way to be honest and helpful to other people and that seemed to send some good karma my way.
I'd send you some of mine but I'm hoarding it right now...
ok just a little bit of good karma your way...
take care.

Lilli said...

Uggh! What a pain :(