Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Visual DNA

This is super cool! Elsie had it on her blog. You answer quetions by choosing images and then it tells you your personality. It got me and Jarod both dead on!

I quit Purdy's on Sunday. I gave my two weeks notice, and then that's it, I'll just have the one job at the credit union. It will be nice to have a bit more spare time. Jarod and I are going camping in the middle of June for four days. We're going up to Alice lake (hee hee a lake named after me!?). It's near Whistler. I'm really excited!

My friend from work, Stacey, brought me a big box of old art supplies that used to belong to her mom. The packaging on them is so cool! It has so many interesting things, even old prismacolor pastels and things. Super excited about experimenting with them. Trying to get out of my artistic rut. I started making mini foods out of sculpey last night. It was super fun! I'll see if I can turn them in to jewellery and sell some on Etsy. My birthday is in about three weeks. 22 years old. That just sounds silly! Time has gone by SO fast since I graduated! I'm enjoying life though.

That's all for now!


.freckled.nest. said...

Minifood jewelry sounds really cute :)
What day is your birthday?
Congrats on one can really look forward to the END of a shift now... but no more icecream from the sad.

Valerie said...

YAY for having only one job!! That's awesome!! You'll have more time to relax too!! And scrap with me of course!! I will have to let you know about this weekend...I'm going to my parents while Jared is away!! But we will get together soon!!