Sunday, May 06, 2007


Today was pretty sucky. I woke up in a very strange mood. I felt really sad, like I could burst into tears at any moment, and also really anxious. I had planned on going over to Valerie's house for a scrapnight after work, but because of the very strange mood I was in, I sent her an e-mail from work to cancel. I felt really bad about it, I knew it would be lots of fun, but sometimes I get in these moods where nothing can cheer me up, and I didn't want to be a downer. So I came home after work at the credit union, and then Jarod and I went to buy vegetables. Then we went to IKEA because when I get in these funky moods I like to go shopping, not really to buy things, but more to look at items, and get my mind off of other stuff. It seemed to work, and we had a nice time. I bougth a bedside table and some mini cacti to go on it. Later on we met up with two of Jarod's friends and went to see Spiderman 3. I was not at all expecting the silly movie to be 2 and a half hours long, so wasn't in the best mood when we got out. Then we got back to my car, and I noticed a small flashlight on the seat. As I was asking Jarod if he left it there, I noticed the CD player was gone. Someone broke into my car. Both doors were locked when we got back, so I guess they re-locked when they left, just to be nice. Stupid robbers.

They took:
My nice knee high boots
A basketball
CD player
Ash tray (why?)
Jarod's book of CD's
Tacometer (a nice big one for racing)

They left:
A flashlight
A socket

If I claim my insurance it will be a $300.00 deductable, which I can't afford right now.

My mood is now much worse than when I woke up.

I work at Purdy's tomorrow. I just want to sleep all day.


simplepleasures said...

I'm so sorry that that happened to you! That absolutly sux!!! I wish I would be there to do something! Stupid robbers lets send them dirty wishes ok!!!

momsy said...

Ah Babe, I sorry to read about your bad day and your car being broken into. It's a strange feeling to have your space violated, but I hope it doesn't pull you down. You've got so much good happening in your life right now. Just focus on that. Love you to bits!

Carla said...

oh, i'm so sorry to hear about your bad day. Sending you good vibes so that you have a good week. I finished your CJ last night, finally :) i will mail it to Samantha today. h

Valerie said...

Alice..I was worried about you, I hope you got my text!! I am so sorry about the stupid robbers, that totally sucks!! Karma will come and bite them in the ass!! Think good and happy thoughts. If you need anything please call me!! I can make you maugh you know!!

simplepleasures said...

Hey Ali! I posted a few more things on my site!!! Just for you... or rather it isn't a vegan recipe... but you can modify to your taste buds! I make Kedgeree!!! Don't know what that is? I guess you'll just have to check it out to find out...

.freckled.nest. said...

:( !