Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Busy as a bee!

This was a super busy weekend for me!

Friday night my sister, her boyfriend Mike, and my parents came over in the evening to watch some episodes of the Office and hang out. Saturday I worked at the credit union until 3:15, and then headed over to Jarod's parent's house to make brownies for my mom's birthday. Then I went home and got fancied up before Jarod and I drove downtown to Bishop's, picking up my brother on the way. My parents, sister and boyfriend, and Nana were there all ready. The dinner was wonderful. They made a special vegan meal and appetizer for me. First everyone was given a little teaser hat I think was some sort of crab or fish cake, but I was given the most adorable carrot swirl on a stick. It was so fresh and yummy! My appetizer was a grilled portebello mushroom with asparagus on top. It was amazing. Then for dinner I had yam tempura with mushrooms and other fancy things in it. My mom was given a plate of beautifully sliced pears and apples for her birthday that we all shared.

After dinner we drove out to North Delta to Jarod's parents house. His mom had decorated with balloons and even made a cake and cut up lots of fruit for us. It was lots of fun, and it was really nice to have my "two families" mix. I gave my mom the special gift that I am making for her. I am making her a scrapbook. I e-mailed lots of her friends/family and had them send me letters, and then I gathered together about 150 photo's, scanned them all on my computer and got them printed. The album is nowhere near complete, but she loved the start of it. Since my parents plan on sailing away for long periods of time, I thought it would be nice for her to have pictures and letters from her loved one's.

Back: My mom, Nana, and me
Front: My dad, brother Graham, bf Jarod, Mike, sister Emily

After the wonderful evening we headed home, and I took Cleo so she could sleep at my place. On Sunday Jarod, Cleo, Gizmo, and I slept in. My car has been having issues lately, so Jarod took it to get fixed in the afternoon (a new alternator or something). Around 3 we left to go for a ride on my parents boat, moving it from one marina to another. It was a beautiful day. We did get grounded once, and had to get a big motor boat to pull us out. We also had to go under the Whestom Island bridge. The middle of the bridge spins so boats can pass.

Monday I worked at the credit union from 10:15-5:15. My sister and Mike flew home, but I met up with them for a few minutes at Starbucks before work. Work was super busy because of taxes being due and such, so it was a crazy day. Then, on the drive home, I checked my messages and I got THE call. The IDEA program looked at my portfolio and wants me to come in for an interview!!!! I'm thrilled! It's on Tuesday May 8th at 9am. Apparently 87 people applied for the 30 spots, and I think about 50 people get interviewed. Cross-your-fingers and toes for me!


Valerie said...

I'm so glad your mom's b-day went well!! And I knew she would love the scrapbook!! Love the fancy carrot!! And congrats on getting the call!! That's so awesome!! Love the scrap page by the way!! So glad your scrapping again!!

.freckled.nest. said...

looks like Mom loved her birthday! I love your outfit at the party.
YOU GOT THE CALL!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! So awesome! You deserve it!!!

Carla said...

wow, keep good luck with the interview. what beautiful pictures. we used to sail alot...even when on 1 week sail charter int he BVI's for our honeymoon...memories :)