Saturday, May 19, 2007

BIG news!

Today started off a little rough. I slept in, didn't have time to eat breakfast, then when I was driving to work I came to a road blockage and a flag woman told me that their had been a serious accident on the road, so I had to turn around and backtrack for quite a ways before getting on to a different road. Then I came to a semi that had rolled over on a turn, so that slowed me down too! However during this drive I received a phone call from the IDEA program! I got in! I can't even explain how thrilled I am about this. I have told so many people about it, and have pretty much planned my life around it... so it is huge that I got in. I am so ecstatic!

I ended up being about 5 min. late for work, which was no big deal. After work I drove over to my parent's boat for dinner with my dad. He made a very nice salad, with big chunks of tomato and cucumber. We also had bread with oil and vinegar, and for dessert we dipped pieces of bread into maple syrup that my sister's boyfriend, Mike, collected from trees on his farm. It was so yummy! My dad and I had a very nice talk, and listened to some of his favorite music.

After dinner with my dad I drove to the Fisherman's hall in Ladner for my friend Jody's going away party. She is moving to Alberta with her boyfriend. I saw so many people from high school that I've lost touch with. It was all very emotional for me, and I cried a bit when I was leaving. It was sad for me to see all of these people who have stayed so close, and I hardly ever see them. I had a very nice talk with my friend Taryn, and she made me realize that if I wasn't important to them, I wouldn't have been invited after so long of not seeing anyone. I hope that now that I work in Ladner I can get together with old friends. I left the party just before midnight, and now it's past 1am. I think I'm ready for bed now, but I just have so much on my mind. Looking forward to my three days off!


Valerie said...

That's so awesome!! I knew you would get in!! YAY!! We're going to have to celebrate!! I am so happy for you!!

.freckled.nest. said...

So happy for you Alice!!!!!

Carla said...

that is wonderful news. congratulations! so nice that you got to spend time with your Dad too. Do they sail alot?