Friday, April 20, 2007


No this wasn't taken by me... it's from an e-mail forward, but I LOVE it!

It's beautiful outside today! The sun is shining, and it is making me so happy! I had training today and yesterday for the credit union, which means sitting at a desk from 9-5 listening to an instructor. I was nodding off before lunch, but then Jarod's mom (who works at the head office) and I went to Starbucks for coffee (soy vanilla latte and a vegan brownie, of course!). The drive home was very long because of traffic, and I was starting to get really tired again, but now that I'm home I seem to be feeling a little energetic! Trying to decide right now if I should:

a) edit photo's for my portfolio

b) clean my office (it's a DISASTER)

c) have a nap

d) sort art work for my portfolio

e) watch TV

Decision E would be the lazy way out... so let's avoid that one. I guess C would fit in the same category. B would really make Jarod happy, and he's had a bad day... so let's go with that one! I talked to him a little bit ago. He went to a friends house to play street hockey and when he shot he ended up breaking their really big front window. It's going to be like $500.00 to fix. Poor boy.

I'm so excited for tomorrow! I get to meet Valerie and we're going to scrapbook! I used to be obsessed with scrapbooking, but haven't done any for such a long time. I really want to get hooked again! I think she'll be perfect for inspiration!

Tonight I think I'm going out with my gal pal Chelsea, not sure when or where though!

I work tomorrow. And Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. That's a seven day stretch! Yuck! But it does mean money! Yippy!


Valerie said...

I get to meet you later today...YAY!! I'm super excited too!! Your so sweet sating that I am going to be your inspiration for getting back into sweet!! Thankyou!!

Carla said...

i've been meeting to get to your blog and let you know how beautiful your circle journal is. cant wait to finish my layout.