Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I told my dad how I was asked to photograph a wedding, and he suggested that I e-mail his good friend George who is a professional photographer from Toronto. So I did, and he e-mailed me back with lots of advice and what I'll need to shoot the wedding. He also sent me a bunch of photo's from his recent trip to Costa Rica. They were so amazing! I want to be a photo journalist now haha. I'm always changing my career choices.

Remember how I said I wanted to move away? Well I looked into photography programs at other schools in Canada, and Nova Scotia has a really cool art school in Halifax. I looked at the price of housing there, got all excited, and told Jarod on the phone when he was at work that I wanted to move to Halifax. He wasn't too thrilled, BUT didn't say no either. Then when I got off the phone I realized it was a lot to ask of him. We still haven't been able to talk about this in person because of our stupid opposite schedules. Today during our nightly phone call I told him that I would still apply to the illustration/design program in Vancouver, and if I get in than we'll stay where we are and la dee da. BUT if I don't get accepted, than I think we should consider moving. He seemed to agree with that. He also told me he can probably get a job transfer in a few years to Kelowna or someplace else in BC and only work three days a week making big bucks.

Now I'm stuck deciding if I should study photography or design. I wish I could take them together. But seriously, how fun would it be to be a photographer and travel the world taking photographs!? I love to travel, and I love different cultures, so it would cover all of it! My oh my... decisions!

I'm getting together with my good friend Chelsea this Friday which is exciting, and then on Saturday I am scrapbooking with blogger pal Val! I have a life... score!


Valerie said...

I know you'll make the right decision...it's hard but it will come to you soon!! I'm kind of the smae situation, just feeling stuck!! Can't wait until Saturday!! Super excited :)

.freckled.nest. said...

;) i tagged you...(check out my blog for the info)
Our friends wedding photographer was a photo journalist---there photos were THE MOST amazing wedding photos i've EVER seen! So captivating, *beauty*! What about that?
That's a cool idea. It'll all work out...time time time.

Carla said...

how exciting that you have all these amazing choices you are about to make about your career! that is so cool. cant wait to see where life takes you. i'm sure it will be amazing.

Marie said...

ALice you have such a wonderful and fresh eye. I'm sure your wedding photos (the ones you take) will be amazing!!
I hope it all works out for you.