Friday, April 13, 2007

Mom and Dad!

My parents finished their drive from Toronto to Vancouver today. It took them five days, and they stopped to see friends along the way. They dropped by my house on the way to a hotel to spend tonight before going on their boat tomorrow (That sentence sounds funny in my head, but I'm not going to fix it). So I got to see my mommy and daddy, as well as Cleo the black lab and Ruphus my sister's dachshund. I hadn't seen them since the beginning of December, so four months or so. We talked about the silly housing prices in BC, and how my sister bought a house in Ontario for half the price of our condo here. So now I'm thinking AGAIN about how it may be cool to move away from the lower mainland for a bit. But then what about school? Well, it's not like Vancouver has the only University's in Canada. I guess the main thing is bringing this topic up with Jarod. My parents think it would be good for us to move away for a bit before having kids and stuff. Live our lives. Explore, etc.

Blah I'm rambling. Tomorrow I work at the bank 11:30-4:40, then drive straight to Purdy's for my shift from 5:50-9:30. yuck.

Don't worry Megan, no plans for moving yet :)


.freckled.nest. said...

ahhh-that's so good that your mum and dad are back! you must be so happy!
your heads still stirring about where to be i will all come together...time time time... so hard to wait, so easy to waste. There are other schools in canada, so start being finding other options that make your heart flutter like the IDEA program...and of course, talk to Jarod...
Hope your day FLIES by! Eat a chocolate for me. *permission*, lol

Valerie said...

Although it would be good for you to move away for a bit before the kids..I did it too but went farther..Belgium!! You can't go yet until we hang out a bit too!! Glad your parents are back!! Hope work is not too bad!! I sent you an email!!