Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm a vegan!

As planned, Jarod and I both became vegans on April 1st. We went shopping together, and I don't think I've ever read so many labels! Animal products hide everywhere... and I thought being a vegetarian was tough. Did you know that gelatin (made from cattle bones) is in frosted mini wheats cereal? I knew it was in marshmallows, jello, etc, but never bothered to look at the label on cereal for it! We bought some lime sorbet that Jarod read the label for, and after getting home and having some after dinner we both agreed that it was really, really good.. but maybe a bit too creamy. Jarod re-read the label to discover the first ingredient was milk. Oops. So that will have to get shipped off to Jarod's parents house along with some other food that we can no longer eat. I think Jarod will be vegan only for April, and then gradually add other foods back in to his diet to see what gives him such bad stomach problems, whereas I may stay vegan permanently. I already feel better in so many ways. I asked Jarod to drop me off at work yesterday so I could walk home, and I feel myself leaning towards healthier food. I stopped at Chapters on my way home from work today and bought a vegan cookbook. On my way to work today I stopped at Starbucks and bought a soy vanilla latte and a vegan brownie. So yummy! They make the brownies with applesauce instead of egg.

Anyways I'm off to eat dinner, read my new book, and then watch Americas Next Top Model!


.freckled.nest. said...

suckas!!! the milk ingredient made me laugh! Chalk one up for the animal eaters!
(Lol, Tyson said..."Don't write that--", Me:"Why not", Tyson "Vegans get very violent when provoked"...Tyson: "DON'T tell them THAT!>!")
lol! kidding kidding! love ya

momsy said...

Hey babe, sounds like you're getting the whole eating thing into some perspective. You can eat veggie (or vegan) and eat well. You chose to walk home from work? That's great! You must have more energy. Snow on the ground here today, and just three days before we head back! Love ya.

Lilli said...

Remember what I said: make sure you get enough oil in your diet! With your body type, you should be having more oil that other people, and with you cutting out dairy, gotta be extra vigilant so your skin stays young, your organs function efficiently, nutrients get delivered throughout the body :) There you go: unsolicited ayurvedic advice!