Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I had a very nice Easter this year (except of course for not being with my family).

Saturday I worked at the credit union in the morning, and had a very bad day. I ended up forgetting a step at the end of my shift which made us out. It was something that could be easily fixed Monday morning, but I still felt so stupid. My brother stopped by our condo later on on Saturday. It's always nice to see him. In the evening Jarod, Gizmo and I drove out to Jarod's mom and dad's house where we slept over. Jarod and I went out and saw Blades of Glory, and then came back and played Battle ship for a bit.

In the morning we were given Easter baskets and goodies, and they even bought us a brand new fancy fan because our condo gets SO hot in the summer. For dinner we went to Jarod's aunt and uncles house in White Rock. It was a bit difficult because we're vegan, so Jarod's mom made us vegan food at her place and we brought it with us. She has been really great about the vegan thing, especially since she had already bought us tons of Easter chocolate and then had to buy us new stuff when she found out we were vegan.

Yesterday I worked at the credit union again, and at the end of my shift one of my old best friends from high school came in. We ended up talking for a bit, and it was so nice to catch up. In the evening I was on the computer and started talking with another one of my best friends from high school, and then she drove out to my place, picked me up, and we went to the Naam for dinner. It felt great to see an old friend again. I couldn't believe it had been two years since we had last seen each other.

Today I had training from 9am-5pm in Langley. It was my orientation for the credit union. They do a really good job of training at Envision. They make it fun, have toys and candy on the tables, etc. but I still had a very hard time keeping my eyes open in the morning. Lunch was brought in for us, although I couldn't eat any of it. The sandwiches were all meat and although they had two salads, one had bacon on it and the other had feta cheese. I brought a lunch with me anyways though, so it didn't bother me.

I was also asked to photograph a wedding which has me super excited. It's next March, and one of Jarod's good friends told his ex-girlfriend (the one getting married) about me, and that I do photography. So she e-mailed me and she wants me to do engagement photo's, the wedding (all day), and then she also said she's planning on having a baby next year so she wants me to do pregnancy photo's and then baby photo's! I am going to make a portfolio of my best work first, and then have a meeting with her and her fiance.

Also, a friend of mine knows two bands that could use me to take band photographs for them. I think I'll do these for free to develop my portfolio.

Pretty Easter flowers!

The cake Jarod's aunt made. I couldn't eat it so I took photo's!


Center piece at Jarod's Aunt's house

My meal at The Naam


Valerie said...

SO glad you had a good Easter!!And that's awesome you got those photographer jobs!! That's awesome!! Your pics are amazing!! Hey, did you get my email?!

Lilli said...

I love Naam! Sometimes I have cravings for their miso dressing :)

Lilli said...

Oh yes, and congratulations on your photography gigs!