Friday, March 02, 2007


I had my second shift at my new job today. I am loving it so much. Everyone is really nice and friendly, and it is a really great atmosphere. Today I was finally feeling better as well... I have had a nasty cough/throat pain/feeling exhausted thing for the last week or so. I hardly had a voice on some of the days earlier in the week. At work today I was put in a back room with a desk and a computer and courses. First I had to read through about an hours worth of material, and then take a test on what I read. I had to do this four times, for different topics, and each time had to get over 80% correct to pass. I ended up with an 85%, 88%, and two 100%'s!

After returning home and hanging out for a while, Megan and I went to The Bread Garden at the mall for dinner, and then went shopping for work clothes! I phoned my mom earlier in the day and she agreed to pay for some new work clothes for me since I am out of money and most of my clothes are either stained with paint or are too small for me since I added an extra ten pounds in my knee to hip region. Darn ice cream. Anyways, we had fun visiting all our favorite shops, and I found some great pieces that I can mix and match with other clothes I already own.

I had seen a similar red jacket at a different store last week and was tempted to buy it, but today Megan took me to a shop that I had never known about and I found this... with POLK-A-DOTS! Costa Blanca $29.50

I normally don't go for yellow or orange, but I really like this yellow tank. It also has polk-a-dots that are a shear material! I thought this was perfect to wear under another shirt for a little pizazz! (See down below). Off the Wall $18.00

This black shirt is nice and simple, and I can wear a shirt under it to add colour (and cover up the cleavage!). Off the Wall $20.00

I bought this black vest and really love it. I photographed it on top of the yellow tank so you can see the cut of it. Costa Blanca $25.50

These pants are brown with a light pin stripe... polk-a-dots and pin-stripes... my faves! RW&Co. $55.00



Love, love, love this skirt. I saw an episode of What Not to Wear ages ago where they recommended a skirt like this and I have been looking for one ever since. The back has a really great cut to it. RW&Co. Reg: $59.95, Sale: $39.95

I've been wanting this necklace for a long time too! Off the Wall $10.00

And last stop... Jugo Juice! I love fruit smoothies :) This one is called Powerzone and has strawberries, pineapple, lime sorbet, orange juice, tropical nectar, and boosters.


Valerie said...

Love the red polka dot jacket..too cute!! Lots of good finds!! I totally need to go do some shopping too..might have to talk to my hubby!! Glad your feeling better!!

.freckled.nest. said...

these are AWESOME!! Very fun, profesh and artistic and you... great choices, and as stacy and clinton would say, key pieces!
Have fun playing dressup before you actually wear them out. Too bad your feet didn't need new things...maybe when we go shopping *together*...