Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Leigh-Ann is here!

I picked Leigh-Ann up from the airport this morning at 8:30am. It was strange to finally meet because I felt like I already knew her so well. We took this photo at the airport while waiting for her luggage... (THREE suitcases for a one week trip haha).

After we picked up her bags and got back to my car we drove to Michael's in Richmond, actually the one that I worked at for two years. I hadn't been back since quitting. It was really nice to see some old colleagues of mine. Then we went to Tim Horton's for some hot chocolate.

After that we drove to Daiso. On the way we saw a bus with a bike rack on the front which amazed Leigh-Ann. "Is that a bike on the front of a bus!??!" She thought the bus hit a bike or something :)
Daiso is this Asian store in an Asian mall in Richmond, and everything in it is $2.00. It is really big (two stories), and has tons of cool things. We bought fun paper and other goodies.
Then we drove out to Ladner to see my old house, the credit union I work at, and we stopped at the Ladner thrift store and Bakery. We bought pizza bagels (or pizza buns as Leigh-Ann calls them... then what's the hole for Leigh-Ann!?)

After Ladner we drove to Tsawwassen to see the ocean! It was so pretty, but very cold.
We spent a long time searching for a heart shaped rock for Leigh-Ann, and then one for me. We finally found them though!

And finally we drove back to my house stopping at the grocery store on the way. Leigh-Ann met Gizmo, and he loves her :)
Tomorrow will be awesome. We're going to Granville Island and lots of other cool things!


T-Bone said...


It seems as though my wife has found a good friend.

Pizza Bagels eh? sounds good.

Anyways, glad you're not a creepy old man (I didn't really get why everyone was worried, leigh-ann could definately win a fight against an old man).

Well, bye


LA's Momma said...

Hi Alice, I'm Leigh-Ann's mom Sharon. I hope you don't mind if I read your blog once in a while, you are a very talented artist.
I hope you and LA have a good time together and if you ever come to Winnipeg, we would love to meet you.
Leigh-Ann gets her OVER PACKING habit from me, you need to bring enough clothes for double the time your of your stay. But I've never brought 3!
I envy you both for being able to go to the ocean, I love Crescent Beach, that's the only beach I've ever been to in Van. though, other than White Rock which I love also. If you go to Cres. B. and you walk all the way down towards the States, there is a nudest beach there, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW, (not that I've been there)
Thanks to you and Jarod for having LA in your home. MAKE SURE SHE MAKES HER BED EVERYDAY, she's bad at that. Have fun!!!!
Love Sharon, aka Momma
PS Tell LA we have bike racks on our buses in Winnipeg, maybe she's asleep at the wheel when she's driving. Ohhhhhhh!

shayla said...

i got here from Leigh-Ann's blog.
i'm gonna go back and backread!!
love your photos!
what is that in the photo of Leigh-Ann on the beach?