Saturday, March 24, 2007

Artistry: Day Two

Today was another great day. Leigh-Ann and I got to ARTistry early so we played around in the parking lot taking photo's.

Our instructor for today was Donna Downey, such a hilarious woman. Loved the class. I got her to sign my copies of her three books, as well as took some cute photo's.

Today was also the crop at Clipper Street in Langley for ARTistry students only. I am proud of myself for going (If you don't know the details, look here and then here). When we got there I thought I was going to cry. I was actually shaking and was so angry/upset. Deanna came over to me and pretended to be all sweet and stuff, asking me how I was doing, telling me my album was adorable, etc. Grrr. I STILL have no idea why I was fired from that stupid place. So much emotion... I talked the entire drive home. It's midnight now. I'm waiting for Jarod to get home so I can blab away to him for a while. I've hardly seen him this week! I've been out all day, he's out all night working, blah. I miss my lover boy :)

I've met so many AMAZING woman at this event. Wow. Love how creative they all are. Went out for lunch today with Lilli, and she reminds me so much of my mom. She was so sweet and got me thinking about things. Dreams, passions, etc.

Loving life today.

Me and Leigh-Ann

I love my foot in this shot

Donna and Me

Ali Edwards, Donnna Downey, Claudine Hellmuth


Valerie said...

Cool pics!! And good for you for going back to Clipper Street, your brave and showed them in a know!! Have a super Sunday!!

.freckled.nest. said...

Hi :)

Lilli said...

Poor you! I think you should have some kind of closure ceremony. Write your thoughts on paper, then burn them, and move on.

Good for you, for going there!

renee said...

hi there. found your blog through Val's blog. :) I just had to comment here...I was fired from Clipper Street too!!! Those bastards!! ;) Email me and we can exchange horror stories!! LOL!