Friday, March 23, 2007

Artistry: Day one!

Today was awesome! I met Ali Edwards (in the scrapbooking world, she's like Madonna).

Leigh-Ann and I are taking a three day course called ARTistry. Each day we have a different instructor. Today we made a chipboard album about our evolution through childhood to now. It's really cool, although I'm still not done. There was quite a bit of painting involved (note my hand, below). I got Ali to sign a copy of her book that I own, as well as the scrapbook I made during her class.

Leigh-Ann has been very sick since Wednesday. On Wednesday we went to Ruby Dog's Art House, and Granville Island. She started to feel really sick when we were down town and ended up getting sick during the car ride home and all evening. Yesterday I worked from 9:15-5:15 and when I got home she was feeling better. I think the resting did her good. I took her to Purdy's for ice-cream, and then we watched Grey's Anatomy. Today she started to feel weak in the afternoon again, and so we stopped at Super Store on the way home so she could get some gravel (and I bought a pie). I hope she sleeps well tonight and feels better for tomorrow, I know how important ARTistry is to her.

My house is a disaster, and I keep meaning to clean it but I never have the energy. I worked Thursday, spend today, Saturday and Sunday at Artistry, then I work all of the following seven days, two of which are double shifts working both jobs, and one day I go to a staff awards night after work. I always plan on cleaning on my days off, but usually get distracted with other things to do (like sleep).

Anyways, I'll leave you with a few photo's from today!


Anonymous said...

hey ali,
i am so excited that i finally get to show mike the West Coast... That I get to see you guys, I can't believe that it's been 4 months since we last saw eachother... the time does fly doesn't it? I got my hair cut and now it looks really bad, do you have any suggestions of what I can do to it, either new cut wise or style wise? cause you're always so trendy...
love ya sis*

Valerie said...

How lucky you two got to go!! I bet your having tons of fun!! Love the pics!!