Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!!

On Saturday I had a portfolio workshop to attend at Capilano College. I received quite a bit of information about the program and what to include in my portfolio, as well as a tour of the facilities. The program is three years long and each year has it's own classroom. You take all of the same classes as the rest of the people in your year (30 people) so everyone becomes really close. The first year students each get a cubicle with a drawing desk, and the second and third year students each get a cubicle with their very own brand new computer. At the beginning of second year each student gets a new mac, and that computer belongs just to them. At the end of third year you get to keep it! I had a good time and feel much more confident about my abilities. I was able to see examples of portfolios that current students used to apply for the program, and also heard many people who are applying say how nervous they are. Third year students also go on a trip to New York, and have a grad show near the end of the year where many big names in the design world attend. Plus, each student gets their own space to show off their work and give out business cards, etc.

Jarod dropped me off for the workshop and then met up with our friends Jenna and Rob, and their two dachshunds (one of whom is pregnant!). We brought Gizmo with us so they played for a few hours and then picked me up and we went out to eat.

On Sunday Rob and Jenna picked Jarod and me up and we drove out to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. I always struggle with zoo's. I love animals, and want to see them and photograph them, but I am also against the fact that they are caged up with not much space to roam. So I feel bad paying money to support the zoo, but also feel like the animals need my money... just like buying clothes made in sweatshops. Anyways, I decided to go to the zoo this time. It was really cold but we survived. We rented two seater bikes and the boys had fun racing them around. I made Jarod stop quite a bit so I could take photo's. I think one of the saddest animals to see was the eagle in a cage, but the sign explained that it had been injured in the wild and would not be able to survive on it's own. I also felt bad for the tiger because he was all by himself. At least the lions were in a group.



A giraffe

A monkey

A monkey

A peacock

A bald eagle

Me and Jarod on a statue of a pig. (photo taken by jenna-lee)

Sign post

Dangerous animals: Rob and Jarod

A snake

Tiny monkeys

A really big snake

A crocodile's eye



Me and Jarod on a turtle (photo taken by Jenna-Lee)

Snake skin (I was the only person who wouldn't touch it!)

A lizard

A tortoise

A swan

A donkey

Another donkey's eye

Rob and Jenna on their bike

A camel

Jarod and Jenna watching the lions

Bore-type animals

Jarod pet one even after reading the sign saying that they have two razor sharp husks in their mouths. Then it suddenly freaked out and almost bit Jarod. I' d like to say he learned his lesson, but I doubt it.

A bear (she was far away and we could hardly see her, but luckily my camera zoomed in quite a bit)

A swan

A miniature horse

Jarod having fun with the bike

Me taking a photo of the giraffe when it was inside

Jenna riding a giraffe statue

A group of lions

Anyways, I'm back to work tonight for a staff meeting, and then work tomorrow at 9am.


Valerie said...

LOVE all the pics!! You should scrap them, make a mini album or something!! And definetly blow some up and frame them!! I know what you mean about feeling bad about going to the zoo, I feel the same way. I have a hard time going to the pet store too!! Glad you had fun though!!

.freckled.nest. said...

Wonderful photos!!
My favorites:
#1 The giraffe reflection picture of you is so cool!
2- you and jarod on the statues, super cute
3-the story of jarod almost getting bit by a fang toothed bore
4-the bike, thats like a flickr intro photo its so good!
5-the croc eye!
6-the swan upclose
I was looking at your flickr--the bath tub photos are amazing! so beautiful!!
I got your email yesterday,
i had talked with tyson, and we decided yes, VA was in our future, but then he checked into the apprenticing payment (which is low and comparable to Manitoba) but then coupled with the cost of living there, its just not possible, so your email was a good confirmation that it just wasn't meant to be. Not in the next few years anyways... I understand what you mean too.
Talk to you soon, have a good day :)