Friday, February 09, 2007

Park Photo's

One thing that's great about where I live is that we have a large park across the street from us. Hidden amidst tons of trees is a a small lake. Jarod and I walked Gizmo there yesterday and I brought my camera along.

For dinner last night we made a super quick and yummy meal after I saw it made on Everyday Italian. All we did was boiled tortellini (Jarod got chicken, I got cheese) in fake chicken broth, and didn't strain it after so it became a soup! We also added carrots and onion too it. It was so good and I have extra that I plan on eating for dinner tonight too :)

As you may know, I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I do not eat anything that had eyes, including beef, pork, chicken, and fish. I do, however, eat dairy products and eggs. I am a vegetarian because of my beliefs. I think it is not necessary to kill animals to survive, although I do think they taste amazing (From what I can remember after nine years!).

Jarod, on the other hand, has stomach problems and can not eat cheese, sour cream, yogurt, or cream. He can have milk if it is used as an ingredient, but couldn't drink a glass of it. He also can not eat pork or hot dogs because of the chemicals used to preserve it.

So we made an agreement. For the month of March we will both go vegan! Eeek. That means no ice cream, no eggs, no cheese, no chocolate (uh oh!), and jarod can't eat any meat either. It was actually Jarod's suggestion, I think it's his way of getting me to eat healthier. I have a bad habit of eating junk, because it's easy. So this way, I'll be eating healthier which will make him happy, and he won't be eating meat which will make me happy!