Monday, February 26, 2007

Circle Journal

I am partcipating in a circle journal (my first one) and we sent them out last Thursday. We have five people in our group, and I think it will be lots of fun! Everyone starts out by decorating an album, including the cover, intro page, sign in page, and does a layout. Each album has a diferent topic, so when you get it you do a page on that theme, put it in the album, and send it on to the next person in the circle. Eventually you get your original back, with a layout in it from each person in the group about your chosen theme. I took some quick photo's of mine before rushing off to the post office Thursday night, so they aren't very good quality but you get the idea! The theme for my album is "Happy". I am asking each person to make a page about all the things that make them happy!

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.freckled.nest. said...

Ooo I love that!!! Sounds like fun! It's like the Traveling Pants! I'll send you my jeans lol.