Friday, January 26, 2007

Studio Friday: Look who I found

The topic for this week's Studio Friday is "Look who I found". We were asked to introduce an artist we admire, who is relatively unknown. I have so many (as you can tell from my links list), but I chose a few of my favorites.

Claudine Hellmuth doesn't really fall into the category of "unknown", however she has really inspired my work. I own two of her amazing books, and visit her blog frequently for more inspiration. I get to meet her in March at ARTistry and am so excited about it!

Jenny Hart creates stunning embroidery designs. Each one is a small masterpiece.

Loretta Lux is an extraordinary photographer... I could look at each photo for hours.

Leigh-Ann Keffer makes beautiful photo albums all from scratch! Each one is filled with gorgeous paper to attach your photo's to, as well as fun charms hanging down the spine. She also custom embroiders great craft totes.

I recently discovered Heidi Kenney. She creates adorable plush objects. Haven't you always wanted a plush head of lettuce or ice cream sandwich?!

Christophe Baudson manages to create works of art out of slabs of paint that I almost want to eat!

I love the portraits done by Marci Washington. They are very simplistic yet stunning.

Check out Carrie Macpherson if you want to see another awesome photographer.

And for many more amazing artists take a look at my links on the right!


Stephanie said...

Lots of great links and artists...thanks!

.freckled.nest. said...

oh sweetums--
thank-you. i'm honored to be in that list. :)

Camilla said...

Oh I love Marci Washington too! I have one of her paintings on my bedroom wall and it's my favourite thing in the house.