Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Santa Train

On Saturday night (the night before Christmas Eve) Jarod and I drove out to North Van to visit with our friends Jenna and Rob. We played Playstation 3 for a while, and then went out to dinner at Milestones. After that we picked up Rob's sister and boyfriend, and drove out to Stanley Park to go on the Santa Train!
Jenna and Rob... too cute

A big old fire truck, perfect photo op!

I saw this person dressed up as a gingerbread person running around entertaing the kids. I took a photo of her, and she ran over and told me that I should be in the photo too... she was SUPER hyper and a tad scary.

A tradition for my family is to buy roasted chestnuts and pestachios while waiting in line. Couldn't miss out this year!

Jarod and me on the train.

Me and Jenna!

I saw so many mittens and gloves on fences, waiting to be found my their owners... and then I saw this shoe and it made me giggle. Some poor child had to go home without a shoe on!

That's the train on the right. The ride lasts about 15 minutes, and you stand in line forever before hand, but it's a tradition for so many people. I was so glad we got to go this year... I loved going with my family when I was little.

The train was going much slower than it looks in this photo, but I love the way the lights turned out.


.freckled.nest. said...

lol, alice your post made me laugh lots:
- the shoe on the fence
- the fast slow train picture
- biting crazy gingerbreads arm
(Love your purse by the way)

That is the best picture ever of you and jarod. Frame it!
The song on my blog is Imogen Heap. Love it!
MARCH IS SOON!!! Were in the right year Alice!! Yaaaay!

Valerie said...

Love all the pics!! That Gingerbread man is too funny!!