Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Items on Etsy

I have added some more items to My Etsy Shop, so take a look!

It's snowing out here in BC, luckily my shift at work was cancelled today because the mall is so dead, so I got to stay home and Jarod took my car. An old Honda civic is a bit easier to drive in the snow than Jarod's fancy Camaro. It still took him almost two hours to get to work though! I tried cleaning today, but procrastinated a bit and ended up on the computer. I have tomorrow off, so I'll clean then.

I had lots of comments on my Buzzed Bee illustration, which made me really happy. I hope to make a habit of participating in both Illustration Friday and Studio Friday every week. And remember, if you have any ideas for art I should do, just let me know! I really need to develop my portfolio for school next year.

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