Monday, January 08, 2007

Memories on MySpace

I was browsing different people's sights on MySpace today and it bummed me out. I looked up people who graduated with me, and it was strange to see so many familiar people. I guess I pretty much vanished from Ladner, my home town, and hardly stayed in touch with anyone. It's hard looking through every one's photo's and such and seeing how much fun they all seem to be having. It also brings back this really gross anxiety feeling as well, like I am afraid of not fitting in. Strange, since I'm just surfing the net, but I still get nervous or something seeing pictures of the "popular" crowd. I wish I had more confidence to not care what people thought of me. It not only comes out in how I dress and act, but also in my art. I am shy when meeting new people, I don't dress as unique as I would like, and my art is tame, lacking true emotion.

Hmmm.... gotta deal with this issue.

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momsy said...

Hey babe, try putting those thoughts and feelings into something I can see. I'd be interested in the results. love ya