Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This morning Jarod and I headed out to Ladner, the town I grew up in. It is about a 45 min. drive from where I live now. First we went to my old high school to get my transcript so I can send it off to Capilano College. Strange feeling to walk through those doors again. Gave me shivers! I saw my old photography teacher in the office. He made me hate photography my grade 12 year, and I ended up dropping his class. So glad I fell back in love with it!

After that we stopped by the Ladner Bakery. I grew up walking here and buying their amazing meringues and coconut slices. Picked some of them up as well as two long johns.

Next we went to my parent's boat so I could search for a ring that belonged to my great grandmother. We couldn't find it though, so I'll have to get my mom to look when she comes to visit. She's coming to Vancouver for two days next week before going to see my Nana in Edmonton, super excited to see her!

After we checked the boat, we went to Cobblestone Cottage, a kitchen store in Ladner. Jarod bought me a gorgeous apron, but I had to promise to cook him dinner and lunch once a week.

We then headed to Taverna Gorgona, my favorite Greek restaurant. Love it so much!
On the way home we drove by lots of eagles sitting in trees, and when I saw a group of them together I made Jarod pull over so I could take some photo's.

We went to Chapter's and I bought two books (bad Alice!). But they both looked so good, I couldn't resist. The first is The Personal Organizing Workbook by Meryl Starr, and the second is Last Minute Fabric-Gifts by Cynthia Treen. (I also discovered this great blog while looking for a link!) I don't think I've really mentioned on here how much I love books. I have a large collection of craft books, and it just keeps on growing. Not only do I love them for their information and great ideas, but they always have such beautiful layouts and photographs. (TIP for scrapbookers: pick up a book or magazine and use the placement of photos and writing for your layout!)

When we got home we played a bit with Gizmo so I could take some photo's of him jumping and standing. Such a sweetie pie!

And that was my day! Now I am listening to music and ripping all of my CD's on to my computer so I can play them while I'm at my desk making art. And that brings me to my plans for tonight. To make some art and read my new books! Jarod has gone out with friends for the evening, so that leaves me able to play my music loud and zone out!


.freckled.nest. said...

oh man- you should have heard my cackle laugh at Gizmo. Tyson figures i'm going to come home wanting a little gizmo for us. i am so in love with that little guy!
You had a busy day! I know eagles are more comman around there, but that must have been really neat seeing them all together! Great Pix!
PS> i've looked at those books at chapters before, they looked really good..
and lol, even though you've never posted about your book addiction, WE'VE ALL CAUGHT ON! Lol, you're like a craft library!!

Valerie said...

Looks like you found some good books!! My sister lives in ladner!! Her and her boyfriend bought a condo there. I go visit her when she's in town. Hope you have a good night, have fun creating!! Gizmo is just too cute!!