Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Illustration Friday

This weeks topic for Ilustration Friday is the 80's. I decided to make this paper doll with 80's style clothes! I drew them on paper, scanned them, and then added colour in photo shop.


.freckled.nest. said...

hi alice,
it was good talking with you last night :) I am even more excited for March. *Hopefully* i don't have to 'retreat' to my Aunt's, Ellice. lol.
i LUV these paper dolls!! "Totally Rad"--no wait, thats more 90's... "Sycadelic"...is that 80's? I don't even know. But i love all the hairstyles and garments~ my favorite is the black and yellow dress! We should dress like this one day. for real. breakout of our safeties. I call the side-pony lol!
How'd the lanturns turn out? Can't wait to see them!
I finished the Just Gems tote. eed to photograph it still and ship it out tonight. Now on the the skull one. Tyson's helping me tonight with books. so awesome!
K, i gotta go. have a good day at work, :)

claudine hellmuth said...

perfect! love the paper doll idea! what fun!

momsy said...

Hey Babe, looks like an Etsy item to me. You could do a bunch of them! A very original gift for a young girl. love ya!

becca said...

That is so 80s. Good idea!