Thursday, January 18, 2007

Evolution of a Painting

Because I am applying to Capilano College's IDEA Program, I need to develop an awesome portfolio. I have been procrastinating quite a bit on it because I am really nervous that I wont get in. Jarod has been pushing me however, so tonight I decided to surprise him and do a painting while he's at work. I started taking photo's as I went along so you can see my process! It took me about 3 hours from start to finish. At least 1/3 of the art work in my portfolio must be from life, and since I have a hard time finding a model who will sit still, I often just draw myself.

If you would like to see some work from the graduates of the IDEA Program in 2006, look here.

Step One: The Drawing

While watching TV, I grabbed my make up mirror and sketched my portrait on to a canvas using a pencil. I had my hair up, and also played around with the idea of having a floral background. Step 2: Blocking it in

Next I went to my studio and painted in different area's with flat colours of paint. Nothing fancy, and no detail yet. I also decided I wanted my hair to be down, so I painted that in.

Step 3: Shading
Next I started to add the shadows on my skin, as well as different colours.

Step 4: Detail
Lastly, I added the small details and highlights, re-painted the background, and signed my name!

PS. click on images for close ups!


.freckled.nest. said...

eeeeee!!! It is SO BEAUTIFUL ALICE!!! YOU DID IT!! You started and you excelled!! Keep going, this is amazing, and you should be very proud of yourself!! Way to push past the fear!
I can TOTALLY tell it's you!!!
PS> I am so happy you have that text paper! I might be able to just wait to get it when i'm in VA... i just need the white though. It's for my collection i'm going to try and sell in japan. :)
PPS> you make me happy .
PPS> I'll bring my gwen cd with me. Save your money and put it on your pc. It is definately my FAVORITE CD ever!! k, gotta get ready for work :l

momsy said...

Hey Babe, congrats on your wonderful work. I am blown away by the process. Your photos really share the steps involved. What's next? Keep the momentum going - it's easier than beating down the nasty nay-sayers in your mind! love ya!

Ellis Nadler said...

Thanx for comment. good luck