Sunday, January 21, 2007

eggs, ducks and kleenex

Today was a good day. Woke up around 10am (went to bed around 3am). Jarod's mom Cindy came over at 11:15am and the three of us drove into the city. We went to the Naam (favorite vegetarian restaurant) for breakfast. We usually go there in the evening, so eating breakfast there is a special treat. On Sunday's they serve breakfast until 2pm, which means we didn't have to get up early! I had pancakes with organic blueberry sauce, two scrambled eggs, some fruit, home fries, fake sausage, and tea. Everything was spectacular, like always.

I took this picture the other night while I was making myself some eggs and toast for dinner. Love it.

The original reason that we had gone downtown was for Jarod's tattoo appointment (he's in the midst of getting a sleeve). However, at breakfast he got a phone call and it was cancelled. So the three of us headed over to Granville Island. First we headed over to the water and I took some pictures of the pretty ducks.

After that we explored the island, stopping at my favorite stores such as Paper Ya, I'm Impressed, The Market, Siegels Bagels, and Opus. I picked up a book on paper art as well as some other treats. We headed home later on and Cindy dropped us off. We used to keep Gizmo in the bathroom when we went out, but since he's older we've been letting him stay out. Today we came home and found a bunch of torn up cardboard all aver the floor... at one time it had been a tissue box. The one thing missing, however, was all of the tissue! It was a brand new box, and not a single sheet of tissue was visible anywhere. That is until Jarod looked under the bed.

Gizmo had taken every piece out of the box and scattered them about under our bed! Silly, silly puppy.

After I had a nap Jarod and I went out to see Pan's Labyrinth. Amazing movie, although quite violent in some spots (I had to cover my eyes). It was really beautiful though, very well made.

Well, other than the tissue,
Today was a good day.


Nana said...

Hi Alice - Loved your pic of Gizmo looking very sheepish at the tissues. Priceless

.freckled.nest. said...

gizmo is SO sweet!! he built a nest; penny does that with clothing, it's very if lola had got abox of kleenex, she would have consumed the whole thing--no nest. she eats paper at any chance possible. history from her first owner... very hard to train out of her.
anyways, cute post! I loved all the Granville Island posts! SO EXCITED!!!