Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Photos

Tucker and Gizmo play fighting. They love visiting with each other!

Opening a Christmas cracker on Christmas Eve.
Me, Jarod, Megan, and Grandma playing Tvivial Persuit 90's edition on Christmas Eve
Megan, Jarod and me reading The Night Before Christmas
Jarod's parents pretty tree, and the mounds of presents beneath!

Me and Gizmo (wearing his new Christmas sweater).

Jarod, his sister Megan, and Gizmo on Christmas day.


.freckled.nest. said...

these are such fun and cute Christmas pictures! thanks for sharing!!
while i was looking at them...Penny jumped onto my lap to look too. (She's 56lbs) lol.

Valerie said...

Love the pics!! You have to totally scrap the pic of all three of you in your pj's, such an awesome pic!! And Gizmo looks so cute in his new outfit!!