Monday, December 11, 2006

Trip to Toronto

Although it was a short trip, I had a great time visiting in Toronto. Jarod and I spent Wednesday night at his parents house. Early Thursday morning Jarod's sister Megan drove us to the airport, picking up my brother Graham from the sky train on the way. The flight over was fine (about four hours), and my dad picked us up on the other side. We drove to my grampa Quimby's house and met up with my grampa, mom, sister Emily, and her boyfriend Mike. That night Jarod, Graham, Emily, Mike, and I all went out to dinner with some of their friends. It was fun, and the restaurant was good. On Friday Jarod, Graham, my mom, and I went to see my grandmother (Unfortunately she lives in a home away from my grandfather). She had a cold and was coughing quite a bit, but other than that she seemed to be doing very well for a 93 year old! I gave her a box of truffles from my work that she seemed to enjoy. Friday evening we went out to Milestones to celebrate my brothers 25th birthday. It is actually on Dec.24, but we wanted to celebrate while we were all together. My Aunt Jane was able to come, and she gave my brother an amazing diamond ring that was passed down to him. On Saturday I slept in and then we took a drive into the city. We all met up at 3:00 and unwrapped our Christmas presents. I received a funky sweater, a subscription to Applied Arts magazine, sewing scissors, a cute PETA t-shirt, Gizmo's outfit, and money. Later on we had "Christmas" dinner while my grampa got a bit tipsy and told us hilarious stories. After dinner my uncle John, cousin Sam and his girlfriend Cat, and my Aunt Jane stopped by to visit. It has been such a long time since we visited them as an entire family. Usually only one or two of us can come out to Toronto at a time. They gave me some wonderful shampoo and conditioner. On Sunday my mom, Jarod and I took the subway to a big mall and I bought an AMAZING camera!! I used the money that my grampa gave me, as well as traded in my old camera to my mom. I bought a Canon EOS Digital Rebel/350 D. It is spectacular! I have been wanting a dSLR for so long and this camera is perfect. I can't wait to play with it more and do all sorts of artsy things. I also am excited to buy cool lenses and things. My dad dropped Graham, Jarod, and me off at the airport around 4pm, and we were picked up at the Vancouver airport by Jarod's mom after a 5 hour flight. We picked Gizmo up from Jarod's parents house (he had so much fun playing with their dog Tucker), dropped Graham off at the sky train, and finally arrived back to our cute little condo. Gizmo is zonked out and has hardly been awake at all today. I worked from 9:30am-6pm, and am pretty tired myself. It was so great to see my family again, although it was really sad to have to leave them. It's hard not having my mom around , especially as the holiday's are so soon. Overall it was a great trip, with no major catastrophes, so I'm happy!
A Christmas tree at the mall, decorated in Swarvaski crystals.

A pond of Coy fish at a pet store. (Click the image for an awesome close-up!)

The Christmas tree that my dad put up and decorated at my Grampa's house.

Me and Jarod out for dinner at Milestones.

My adorable grandfather!

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Valerie said...

I'm so glad you had a good time in Toronto with your family!! YAY for the new camera!! And love all the pics!!