Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Time for an Update!

I have been so busy lately, I haven't had much time to post! Purdy's was super busy before Christmas, and I found myself usually working at the ice cream counter, scooping for an entire shift. My right hand is very dry from it, and my right bicep is noticeably larger than my left when I flex! I had Christmas Eve off from work, so Jarod and I took my brother Graham out to lunch at Earls to celebrate his birthday. Later that day we packed up all of our gifts and drove out to Jarod's parents house with Gizmo. We ate crackers, cream cheese and jalapeno jelly (Cindy's specialty) with Jarod's parents, sister and grandma while waiting for his aunt and uncle, cousin Amber and her boyfriend Cam, and cousin Ryan and his girlfriend Michelle to all arrive. Once they did we chatted until dinner and then played 90's edition of Trivial Pursuit. Some of them went home or to mass, while Megan, Jarod and I opened our traditional Christmas Eve gift of pajamas. This year mine were pink with penguins on them! I love penguins! Then we cozied up and watched The Polar Express. After the movie we read The Night Before Christmas before heading to bed.

I was the first one up in the morning (around 6:30am). I attempted to get Jarod up but wasn't having much luck, so I got Megan up around 7 and we woke him up together. The tree had so many presents under it, and my stocking was overflowing! I received so many wonderful gifts this Christmas. Of course the one's that I got in Toronto (like my camera!!), but I also got many presents from Jarod and his family. Jarod gave me the DVD Little Miss Sunshine (Awesome movie!), an OTT-lite (it's like sunlight, perfect for artists), an embroidery hoop, a chain for a locket he gave me years ago (my other one broke), a gift certificate to Chapters, and a gift certificate to Lululemon. His parents gave me pajamas, a gift certificate to lululemon, lots of stocking stuffers and more. Megan gave me a tea cup and saucer to add to my collection(Tea Party by Joyce Shelton). I also received many other fabulous gifts from the rest of his family.
For Christmas dinner we drove out to White Rock to Jarod's Aunt and Uncles house. We had a very nice evening and played the DVD edition of Family Feud.

I worked at 11am on boxing day, and the mall was packed! I did manage to slip in to Off the Wall on a break and bought a funky vest, a pretty sweatshirt and some fancy underwear all on sale.
Today Jarod and I drove out to Ladner to see how my parents boat is doing. It is all safe and sound, much to my dad's relief I'm sure. We drove by my old house and they are doing many changes to it. The took down all the cedar trees from the backyard and put up a fence, and had men up on the roof re-roofing. It was almost to much to take seeing the house I grew up in, but knowing I couldn't go in and that my family no longer lived there. We went to Taverna Gorgona for lunch. It is my favorite restaurant, with the best Greek food I've ever had. On the drive home we stopped twice so I could take photographs. Once of a farm with sheep, and the second time for a bunch of geese that had stopped in a field.

I started work at 5:30 tonight and worked until 9:30. It sure is different now that Christmas is over! I think everyone has had enough chocolate, our store was empty. The ice cream counter was steady though, so I had another shift of scooping.

I am having troubles uploading more photos right now, so I'll make another post later on with them! I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!


Nana said...

Hi Alice - Glad you had a good Xmas. It sounds like lots of fun with Jarod's family. Relieved to hear the boat has weathered all the storms.pzrifc

.freckled.nest. said...

Hi Alice,
Merry Christmas, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Sounds like you had a nice nice Christmas! It's so different now as an adult, but i think i like it better. more about family :)
Night for now,
PS> We've got 24/7 free long distance now!!