Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Beautiful British Columbia

Jarod and I drove into the city today for his tattoo appointment and I took this photo on the way. It is so nice to live in a city that has such amazing scenery!
We both got a coffee and then Jarod went to his appointment while I drove up Main Street to my favorite store, Ruby Dog's Art House. It is such a great place to find items for collage art. They have so many wonderful items! I spent about an hour and a bit snooping through all of the bins and eventually left with $45.00 worth of goodies. I am so excited to play with it all! I also bought an old book for $2.oo that I am going to turn into an art journal. It took me about half an hour to get back to the house that Jarod was at because of all the traffic and no left turns in Vancouver. It should have only taken about 5 minutes! I hate driving by myself and it was really, really frustrating. I went to pick Jarod up and the artist doing his tattoo, Sean, showed me some art he's been working on. It was spectacular. So much wonderful detail in each piece. Some of it was really funky, like a guy with a TV for a head and such. It always amazes me what some artists can come up with. I think that is what I find hardest about art, and what stresses me out. If you give me a photo, I can copy it. However if you just tell me to draw something, I have a hard time thinking of what to draw, especially in the more abstract style. I really need to practice that, especially for my portfolio. So if anyone out there has some idea for a drawing or painting that I should do, please, please tell me! Make it is strange as you want! Like a rabbit eating soup with an elephant while riding a bike!

On Saturday night Jarod and I went to his Christmas party for work. Jarod's parents bought him an awesome suit and he looked so good. He usually makes a joke out of his outfit and wheres something way too small from a thrift store or adds a spiked belt and skate shoes. This time he looked so handsome! We ended up sitting with Jarod's friend Rob, and his girlfriend Jenna. I met them at last years party so Jenna and I talked again. Turns out she is a lot like me. She doesn't have many girlfriends to hang out with, and many other things are similar. She grew up in South Africa and has an awesome accent. So after dinner we all drove out to North Vancouver and went to a bar, then picked up their wiener dogs (they have two, one is part Chihuahua) and drove back out to Surrey. They spent the night at our place and we watched the new Superman movie until very early in the morning. I think I fell asleep around 4:30am, and then had to get up around 8am for work. I worked an 8 hour shift, came home, and stayed up until 1am preparing for a Stampin' Up! party that I did last night. I woke up at 9:30 yesterday and worked for 7.5 hours before getting Jarod to drive me out to Richmond (an hour drive in traffic) so I could teach the party. It was fun, but I was pretty exhausted. We arrived home after 11pm and then I went to sleep later on. This morning I was finally able to sleep in, but I am still really tired! Tomorrow I work for 8.5 hours, and then we are staying the night at Jarod's parents house so his dad can drive us to the airport first thing in the morning. We will be flying out to Toronto for 4 days to celebrate the holidays with my family.


Momsy said...

Hey Babe, I'd like you to do a painting or drawing of a rabbit eating soup (vegetarian vegetable) with an elephant whilr riding a bike! Love ya!

Momsy, again. said...

Oops. While, not whilr.