Sunday, November 26, 2006

Winter is here!

It started to snow yesterday! I had heard that it might snow this weekend, but I didn't expect this much snow! Our power was out for most of today, so Jarod and I took Gizmo outside for his first experience with snow, and then went to Safeway and hung out there for a bit. It is amazing how much we rely on power. We bought magazines and came home to read by candle light. Driving was a bit crazy, not just because of the snow, but also because of the power being out and us having to do the 4 way stop procedure at most intersections. It's ridiculous how some people just don't understand the process! Anyways, our power is back up now so I am able to post these photo's of our fun in the snow today! The third one was after we came back inside and put Gizmo's new shirt on him to warm him up.


.freckled.nest. said...

sweet pictures!
lol, gizmo is a silent comedian.
i fixed my website. check it out. love it.
i've listened to the same 4 songs all day. beyonce: irreplaceable & dejavu and black eyed peas: pumpit & my humps. i get my ipod this week :)
ps> you guys have more snow than us! we're still seeing grass...

Valerie said...

Aren't you just loving the snow?! I love it, although I was hoping the schools would be closed, no snow day for me today!! Love all the pics!! And Gizmo looks so cute in his sweater!!

Momsy said...

Hey Babe, I love your blog's new look! Can't wait until you come to the warmth of Toronto. love ya

grover said...

oh my gosh..those are the CUTEST doggie photos..those eyes-adorable!

Jane Hess said...

Dear Alice,
You are definitely Isobel Robertson Hess' grand-daughter! You have used the ojective case in your beautifully written blog! Loved the picture of grampa, sitting in his living room with his pants around his knees. Also, Gizmo looked very fashionable in his little jumpsuit. Thank you for the delicious chocolates from Purdys, and Jarod, too. It was wonderful seeing you, Graham and your sister last week. Love, Aunt Jane

Aunt Jane said...

Hi Honey,
Made a typo in my comments. It should say 'objective'.
Aunt Jane