Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Yesterday Jarod and I stopped off at the mall and I applied at Purdy's Chocolates. I had a long list of places to apply to, but I only had time to apply at the one because I had to take Jarod to the rent-a-car place. He ended up getting a very nice, new car. Neither of us are used to having automatic windows and locks. It also takes less than 10 seconds to defrost the window, so we're enjoying the "luxury". Unfortunately Jarod's meeting with ICBC didn't go so well. They took a look at his car and told him that the damage is about $3000.00. Jarod knows it's way more than that, but they wouldn't listen and are not going to write it off. He said that now when he goes to sell it he will have to sell it for much, much less and they said they were sorry, but they were just following their policy. He took it to the mechanic and he agreed that it would cost much more than $3000 to fix it. ICBC will pay whatever it costs to fix it, but if it ends up being like $6000.00, when Jarod tried to sell it that person will look into the records and know that it was in a bad accident, and then pay much less. So Jarod wasn't the happiest guy yesterday.

After we arrived home from the rent-a-car place, I received a phone call from Purdy's asking if I could come in for an interview today at 2pm.

Last night we drove out to White Spot to celebrate Jarod's Dad's Birthday. We had a nice dinner, and then went back to Jarod's parents house for cake. We had a nice visit with them, and then came home and watched TV. I went to bed to do Sudoku puzzles around 12:45am, and at 1am Jarod told me that Project Runway was on! So we watched it together until 2am, when I went to sleep.

I slept in this morning, and then got dressed up for my interview at Purdy's. I met with the assistant manager and she was very nice. I asked how many hours a week it would be and she told me probably between 16 and 20, but maybe more. For the two weeks before Christmas I should expect to be there all the time. She seemed impressed that I had experience at Michael's, and that I am creative. They don't make chocolates there, but they do package a lot of them, which I think I would enjoy. I asked if it was a seasonal position and she said she wasn't sure, it would depend on if they really liked me and if I was a good worker, they may keep me. I should expect a phone call from the manager tomorrow. It seems to be mostly older women that work there, which should be nice because they all seem sweet. Jarod still doesn't understand why I don't go back to Michael's. I think I am just afraid of getting in the same routine of working hard and not getting recognition.

I wonder if I would get a discount on chocolate?? At least I wouldn't spend as much as working at Michael's or Clipper Street with all the art supplies!

That's all that is new in my life for now I guess.

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Leigh-Ann said...

That chocolate job sounds goooood! I would get fired for sneeking one here and there, but it would be fun! Hope you get it! If you don't, there are going to be LOTS of jobs coming up with Christmas around the corner! Hope you're having a good week :)
ps> that stinks about Jarod's car! Can he refuse that offer in order to get more or is it their final offer?