Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life is like a box of chocolates...

Today was my first day of work at Purdy's. I think it went very well. The other employees are all very nice, and it is a nice environment. I arrived at the mall an hour early because when I was dressing this morning I realised I only own one white shirt and one pair of black pants. I also needed a new pair of black shoes. So I bought one pair of black pants, two simple white t-shirts, black shoes, black socks (all for work) and then splurged and bought a pretty blue shirt and new purse to treat myself for getting a job. I saw the bag a while ago at Off the Wall, but didn't buy it because it was a bit more than I usually pay for bags ($40), but then my other one ripped and I got a job so... I bought it :)

My shift today was four hours long. I picked it up pretty quickly and I hope my boss was impressed. She seemed to like me. It is a pretty basic job, assisting customers and doing cash. I was using the till by myself after the first hour, as well as scooping ice cream and helping customers. Some questions I couldn't answer, so I just asked another employee. I also packaged chocolate coins in little bags. I asked for the days off that I need to go to Toronto, and my boss was very nice about giving them to me. She said that I am probably just going to stay for the holiday season, but they may keep me (If I'm awesome). I only got 4 hours sleep last night, and haven't had a nap today so I am exhausted. I hope that means I'll be able to go to sleep early tonight. I've been feeling pretty sick today too, with a headache and overall gross feeling. I used to feel like this all the time, and then it went away when I finished school. Now it's back again and I have a feeling it's just because I'm stressed. I hope I feel better soon, the job isn't something to stress over. Another fun thing is that at the end of each shift I get to taste a chocolate and describe to my boss what it tastes like. Today I chose a snowball: Dark chocolate covered in coconut, with a vanilla cream centre. Yummy!
It has been raining pretty bad here for the past while. I don't think it rained much today, but apparently another storm is coming. Many places had no power yesterday, but we were lucky. Tonight the radio said not to drink the tap water though because the sewers have backed up. Does that mean I can't have a bath? Poor Jarod works nights and has to deliver food to restaurants in the rain. Today we figured out that he could work one hour of overtime and it would equal me working for a four hour shift! What a nerd! But I know he works his butt off at work, he deserves it!
By the way, I want to say thank you to everyone that reads my blog and posts or send me e-mails about what I write. It really makes my day to know that people care about me, even some that I've never met! Thank you all so much.


Valerie said...

Glad your first shift went well!! And I love the purse, might have to go to Off the Wall!! It's so pretty and blue!! Hope you get some sleep tonight!!

.freckled.nest. said...

luuuuuuuuv the purse!!! great find! glad you had a good first day! did you get my really long email i sent? you should make your etsy shop this weekend, if you're home...

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice... I'm glad you like your new job. Have fun! your Dad

Marie said...

Hi Alice!

I just sent you an email but my email is acting up - could be the crazy weather we've been having around here.

We didn't have power all day Wed it was crazy!

I'm glad your new job is going well and what a perk - to taste chocolate at the end of your shift!!!

Love the purse but I don't know the store - I'll have to check it out.

Have a great weekend and get some sleep. You're making me tired! zzzzzzzzzzzzz