Thursday, November 02, 2006


Jarod got in a car accident on Halloween night. He works nights, from 6pm to 4am Tuesday-Friday, driving a semi delivering food to restaurants. Around 11pm he was driving back to the warehouse after picking up food for dinner, and just a few blocks from the entrance a man ran a stop sign and hit the front left corner of Jarod's camaro. Jarod was not badly injured, although he did go to the doctor yesterday because of a sore neck, and didn't go to work last night. His car on the other hand, is not doing so well. It will be about 6 thousand dollars in damage. Jarod really hopes they write it off because other wise it will be almost impossible to sell later on. I am so glad that he is OK.

I woke up at 7:30 this morning and drove poor little Gizmo to the vet to get neutered. It's a simple procedure that they do all the time, so I'm not really worried about that, I just don't want my baby to be in pain and scared. He gets car sick so on the way there he was shaking and had foam come out of his nose that I had to keep wiping off. He is just so adorable I could gobble him up.

Marvelous news: My friend Leigh-Ann from Winnipeg will be flying out to Vancouver in March to stay with me and go to the ARTistry event! I am so excited! We will be taking classes with Ali Edwards, Donna Downey, and Claudine Hellmuth! It's on March 23, 24, 25, but I think Leigh-Ann will be coming before that so we can hang out!

Other than that, not much is happening in my life. I was very close to going into Michael's today in Langley and asking Doug if I could work there again. But I realised that I quit because I was unhappy, and I don't want to get back into the same rut of working my butt off for no recognition. So still no job, but I'm working on it. I bought ink for my printer yesterday so I can print out resumes, and then I plan on handing them out at the mall that's just blocks from my house.

Jarod and I went to Safeway last night and I bought 7 layer dip and tortilla chips for my dinner. I also bought a pumpkin pie and a can of whipped cream. I think I just might have that for breakfast today. OK, time to go eat some pie and get ready for the price is right!


.freckled.nest. said...

oh little gizmo, he is adorable! hows the snipsnip go?
wow, thats crazy about jarod! i'm glad he's okay! but still-thats scary! that happened to tys 2 1.5 years ago, and it really shook us up!
yes, it is SO MARVALOUS!! i am totally pumped about March2006. YAAAAY!!!! i hope it comes quick!
bob barkers retiring alice! what are you gonna do? i like wheel of fortune way more! oh how i wish i could spin the wheel.......

claudine hellmuth said...

hi there! your blog came up on my Google alert! Excited to see you in March.

Glad your Man was OK with the car accident and hope your puppy's surgery went ok too.

see you in Vancouver :)

Valerie said...

You know what is weird my Jared got into a car accident too. Last night though, he's okay but my car not so much. Hope Gizmo is doing okay!! Hope your pumpkin pie ws good!!

Marie said...

Hope Jarod and Gizmo are doing ok~!
I really love how educational your blog is for me.

I didn't even know about ARTistry and now I have to look into it further, check out my calendar and see if I can make the trip over the bridge and ATTEND!

Thanks so much!