Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've been crafting!

I have been busy lately making lots of fun things and it feels great! Perhaps I have been too focused on making so-called "art" such as drawings and paintings, and have forgotten how much I love "crafting". I went to Granville Island yesterday while Jarod was at his tattoo appointment, and I had so much fun! I bought yummy BC apples, my favorite bagels, and a bunch of beading supplies! I used to do a bit of beading, mostly earrings for myself, but discovered that I hardly have any supplies anymore.

These are the pendants that I made with my soldering iron.
A. A paint chip. The writing on it says"Bubblegum, Rose Bonbon, 14RR 48/276"
B. A puzzle piece
C. I used alcohol inks to colour the glass, but left a heart shape
D. It's hard to see in the photo, but I etched the word "Imagine" on the glass
E. A mini playing card
F. These are pieces of broken dishes that I was saving for mosaics
G. This is an ornament I made by using alcohol inks to colour one piece of glass, and etching the other piece with stars
H. A broken piece of glass from a dish that I bought in Venice
I. This is an ornament I made by etching a sprig of holly and sandwiching a piece of paper between glass

These are the pieces of jewellery that I made with the beads I bought yesterday. I love the purple button necklace. I am going to turn the ladybug into something, I just haven't decided what yet. I thought it would be cute to buy little jewellery boxes and paint them bright colours with simple, bold designs to put them in if I sell anything (I still have to take better photo's and put them on my Etsy shop).

And last but not least, my little helper Gizmo. Today he jumped on to my lap while I was beading... what a silly boy. The red toy he's chewing is a fake tongue that Jarod's mom bought him. It looks really cute when he chews it the way it's meant to go.

So that's about it! I finally posted pictures which makes me happy. I start my new job on Thursday. I am really excited, and also very nervous.

I heard from my parents today, and they're both doing well. My mom's eye is better but she has some sort of jelly floaty thing in it.

I have a throbbing headache so I have to end this now, but I hope everyone is doing well!

PS: My good friend Leigh-Ann has a brand new website, check it out at FreckledNest. She makes the most beautiful albums, all from scratch!

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Momsy said...

Al, I love the button necklace and bracelet sooo much. The pendants are great too. So nice to see that you are back in the groove!