Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm sick of coming up with titles

Jarod and I got up at 4pm today. Yes I'm serious. I didn't go to sleep until about 2:30am so it makes it a little bit better. I'm living on Jarod's sleep schedule. He gets home from work around 4am, and then falls asleep around 5am. So I usually stay up watching TV until he gets home from work and then we go to sleep together. Waking up is a bit different though. Some days I wake up around 9:30am and then fall back asleep later for a few hours. Other days I get up with Jarod, around 1pm.

Enough about my sleep schedule, as entertaining as it may be. Point is, it is currently 3am and I am not at all tired, plus Jarod and I have to get up at 11am to drive into the city. I hope I get some sort of routine at Purdy's instead of having shifts at all different times. I also need to book a few nights off for different events, like Jarod's Christmas party for work and some Stampin' Up Parties, as well as our trip to Toronto in December to celebrate an early Christmas. I really hope my new boss is OK with it. None of the events are in the two weeks before Christmas, which they told me I will be working all the time, so that's good.

I was looking online for a stained glass shop that I drove by in Vancouver, and I discovered a shop in Surrey, close to me! So Jarod and I went there on Friday and I bought a new soldering gun. I didn't buy any glass, but they have tons of different styles for the future. They also teach classes, and I think I may take one on making glass beads. When I got home I made about 15 pendants. For some I took pieces of broken dishes and soldered the edges, others I encased objects such as puzzle pieces and playing cards between two pieces of glass, and for some I etched the glass with my own designs. It was lots of fun and I attached a jump ring to each so they can hang off of a necklace. I will take pictures soon and post them, as well as attempt to put them on my Etsy sight and sell them. I don't have any products on it yet, as I am still making things and want to wait until I have a variety of items.

Last night Jarod and I drove out to Langley. We stopped by Chapters and I bought two new craft books. One is called "Beads, Buttons, and Bijoux" and the other is called "Craftivity." Both of them are spectacular, with amazing photographs and stunning projects. The first one has inspired me to do some beading, so I am going with Jarod into the city tomorrow. He has an appointment to get more work done on his sleeve, and I plan on spending a few hours wondering around my favorite place, Granville Island. It is a beautiful place to explore, with lots of little shops and galleries. There is a great bead store, as well as Opus, an art supply shop, that are calling my name. They also have a market that makes you want to become a chef. I remember sailing to Granville Island with my dad when I was younger. I love looking at the boats in the marina and thinking back to those days. Tomorrow will be so much fun... I hope I remember my camera!

My parents safely arrived in Toronto, however the last I heard my mom had to go to the hospital because of a detached retina, and I don't know how she's doing. I hope she's OK.

I am in the midst of knitting a scarf. I am quite new to knitting, so scarves are all I can make, but I enjoy the process. Jarod and I watched one of my favorite movies tonight, Donni Darko. It's one of those "What's going on?" movies that I can see some people not liking, but I love it. One of the songs in it, Mad World, is my favorite song. I could listen to it over and over.

I really don't know who reads this blog. Well, I know some people, but I think there are probably some people that read and don't comment. Just want to say that I am fine with that! You don't have to post, but if you ever feel like making a comment about something I've written, or just let me know that you read it, anyone can comment. You just click anonymous as the user. I know my posts can be very random, and pointless, and very long (like this one!), but I find it to be therapeutic for me. I like that my family can know what's going on in my life, and that I can share photo's and artwork. So... thank you if you have come back more than once to see what I've written. If you ever have a question or comment for me, feel free to post one!

Jarod just came over and stood in front of the computer looking at me. Then he did a dance by wiggling his arms. I think he wants attention. Earlier he did the same thing and told me when we have a boy he'll be the same way, so it will be our son saying "Mommy, Mommy," and Jarod saying "Alice, Alice, look what we can do!" And then they will both do little dances by wiggling their arms. It was too funny, and he's probably right! Apparently Jarod was a monster when he was little, always craving attention. Hmmm.... not much has changed! Ha ha just teasing sweetie. But I better go pay attention to him now, this is long enough anyway! I hope I have some pictures in my next post.. I know it can be really boring to just read my rambles!


.freckled.nest. said...

Goodmorning Alice!
I stayed up till 2:30am last night. i love my creativeness late at night...but hard to wake up today. Good to hear that you're doing well!
I'm crafting like mad so that i can have $ for march.
Have a great day,
PS> STILL NO BABIES!! Way overdue!

Valerie said...

I want to see the necklaces you made!! Post some pics soon!! I love Grnavillie Island, such a cool place. Haven't been there in a long while!! Have fun!! Love that art store!!