Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dare to dream

My dad recently sent an e-mail to my brother, sister and me. At the end of it he wrote this list:

1. Dare to dream big dreams
2. Focus on your dream and keep it in front of you until you can see it coming true.
3. Make a plan, and write it down.
4. Begin immediately, even if you're not ready.
5. The greater the obstacle in front of you, the greater is your opportunity for growth.
6. There is no great accomplishment without risk of failure.
7. Never, never, ever give up!
8. When all else fails... you can always laugh.
9. There is no "them" and "us"... there is only us.
10. You can start an avalanche by throwing a pebble down a mountainside.
11. To the world, you may be only one person... but to one person, you can be the world.
12. Every single time you get money... put 10% in your savings account before you do anything else. You'll never miss it, and you'll be amazed how fast it will grow.
13. Always be proud to stand up for your family and your country, even if the people around you are too ignorant to do it.
14. Always keep 6 months pay in the bank for an emergency fund in case you lose your job or get sick (6 months X $1000 = $6,000... and just keeping $6,000 in the bank will make you $200+ a year in interest.)
15. Pay off your credit card every month... credit card interest rates are much higher than the interest rate the bank charges for a loan. If you need to borrow money, talk to your bank manager and get a loan... don't throw money away on credit card interest.
16. Stand at attention, sing, and take your hat off (unless you're in uniform) when Oh Canada is played.
17. Read!
18. Motorcycle Racing Life Lessons: 1. If you're not falling off... you're not learning anything!; 2. When the flag drops... the bullshit stops!

It really makes me proud to be his daughter. He spent more than 25 years working at a job that he hated, just so he could provide for his family. I know how important it is to my dad that we follow our hearts, and I am so lucky to have parents that support me in whatever I want to do. I am so happy that my parents are following their dreams of living on a sail boat, and will soon travel to new and exciting places together. It is also a perfect opportunity for my dad to do something else he loves, writing. He has published many articles in magazines, mostly on sailing and motorcycles. I am happy that he is planning to continue writing, as he definitely has the talent for it!

I guess all I'm saying is that it is important to follow your heart in life. I am an artist. No matter what career path I end up going down I know that it needs to involve art. Find what makes your heart tick, and reach for it.

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.freckled.nest. said...

aaaah, you're dad made me tear up. that is such a good list to live by! you're a lucky daughter :)
i am so excited. freckled nest is growing. my heart beats faster, things are happening. dreams do come true. every day.