Thursday, October 05, 2006

Photo's from Ontario


.freckled.nest. said...

yay! i missed reading your blog this week. Fun update! as if you came to winnipeg! you shoulda told me ahead and we coulda went in the photobooth there before you took off. are you having fun? man-those butterflies are beautiful! i love the one on the wall! well, keep having fun! if you stay in a hostel in Toronto, you might me my cousin Tanner, she's like a manager at one. Say hi to her for me if you see her. that'd be funny.
have fun!!
i'm going to watch the Lake House with my sister tonight. she hasn't had the babies yet, but it will be very soon!
Happy Thanksgiving!
ps> Exciting News>i started an Etsy store and i sold an album! i was SO excited!!

Valerie said...

Love this pics!! Your hair looks fabulous short!! I love it!! Looks like your having a good time!!