Thursday, October 05, 2006


On Tuesday, Oct.3 my mom and I flew from Vancouver to Toronto. We stopped in Winnepeg but didn't get off the plane. (I was thinking of you LA!). We arrived in Toronto in the evening and took a taxi to my grandfathers house. He lives in this really old house in the city. It isn't huge, but is worth a lot just for the lot. Houses around him have been torn down and rebuilt into these huge houses, so his house looks cute tucked in the middle. My grampa is an Entomologist (a bug guy). The entire basement is full of bugs. Mostly all butterfly's, but some beetles. They are all framed nicely or in drawers. At least he doesn't have any spiders! He used to travel the world catching butterflies. Anyways, back to my story, my grampa lives alone except for a cute cat. My grandma lives in a home.
So Tuesday we slept at my grampas. I slept on the bed that my grandparents have had since they were married. It is the most uncomfortable bed ever! I got a few hours sleep Tuesday night. On Wednesday my mom and I went for a walk to Starbucks and also got our haircut. I had about 3 inches cut off. I look young, but it's nice and easy to manage. We also took the subway to visit my grandma. She is doing well. She has a great sense of humour. We also went to my favorite store, H&M. I bought a sweater and a headband. I wish they had one in Vancouver. Then we picked up some salads for dinner and did crossword puzzles until my mom went to bed. We switched spots and my mom took the bad bed and I took the sofa in the living room. But, since my grampa left his radio on super loud (he has really bad hearing) all night I had another night of hardly any sleep. This morning we woke up early and took the subway to the train station. We took a four hour train ride to North Bay to see my sister Emily. She showed us around her town and now we're at her house that she shares with four other girls. We are staying here tonight and driving back to Toronto tomorrow afternoon. On the way we're going to stop and see Emily's boyfriend's mom and sister. We aren't sure where we're going to sleep tomorrow night... perhaps a hostel/hotel, or at my grampas again. I just hope I get a good nights sleep! I had a nap today when we got to Emily's place. It felt so nice to sleep! On Saturday we are going to go out for breakfast with my Aunt Jane and possibly my cousin Sam. My Aunt has an amazing house. She is always redecorating and buying fancy furniture. She has been in home magazines and TV shows. My uncle John is a publisher for Random House.

We leave Toronto to fly to London Saturday night. I can't wait to get to Europe.

I really miss Jarod already. I wish he could get time off work to travel.
I guess that's all the updating for now!

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