Sunday, October 08, 2006


We just arrived at our Hostel in London. It was quite the night! We arrived at the airport in Toronto yesterday at 6:30pm. Our flight left at 8:50pm (Toronto time) and landed in London at 9:00am (London time). Another night of almost no sleep. I may have gotten half an hour on the plane, but that's it. I did more crossword puzzles and such. I also read a magazine that my Aunt Jane bought me called Applied Arts. It is one of my favorite magazines. It is a Canadian design magazine and this issue happened to be about student awards. It has at least 5 students from the course that I want to take at Capillano College! I was really impressed, and even more excited!

Yesterday we spent the morning with my Aunt Jane. I have been thinking about writing a book lately and she gave me some good advise. She is a writer, and recently finished a novel. We went out for breakfast with her and my cousin, Sam, who is the same age as me. I had french toast with whipped cream and strawberries! It was so amazing. Then we picked up some Starbucks and headed back to her house. She is such an amazing designer and her house proves it! I took lots of pictures, but can't load them with this computer. We also went to visit my Grandma again. I love her so much, and love visiting her. I love when she winks at me when someone is talking, it's like it's our own little secret. We went back to my Grandfathers house and he started telling me stories about when he was younger and went to Europe and South America. I was so fascinated because I don't think I have ever heard him tell me stories like that. He was just talking to me and he seemed to be so excited that I was listening and interested. The best part is that I really was interested. I love my grandparents. I wish they could still live together. My Grandma is doing pretty well though, she is 94 and has had a few strokes and is still doing pretty well. My Grampa is 91 and was up on his roof the other day!

Tomorrow my sister is flying to Berlin and my mom and I are flying to Athens. I am so excited to go to Greece. I love Greek food!

I have to let my mom on the computer now to check her e-mail, so I have to go, but I'll try and update again soon!


.freckled.nest. said...

its awesome that this you get to see family! you will have these memories forever!
thanks for the update Traveller! :)
ps> you must rent the Lakehouse when you get home-it's the new Notebook! SO GOOD!

Valerie said...

Everything sounds like its going good!! And that your having a good time!! Which is awesome!! Can't wait to see your pics!!