Sunday, October 22, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I arrived back home on Friday. My mom got really sick about 30min. before landing and was throwing up on the landing, and walking through the airport, and the passport check, and waiting for baggage, and customs, and the entire drive back to their boat! It was horrible because there was nothing I could do for her. The flight attendants on the plane seemed grossed out when i brought up bags to throw out, and I overheard them saying how they were glad that I was there to deal with it.

*My dad ended up taking my mom to the hospital later than night because she kept getting worse. She's OK now, but she thinks it was from some funny tasting water she had on the plane.*

Jarod ended up calling in sick to work Friday night because he was sick (he went home early Thursday too). I was glad though, because I was able to see him! We stayed up late Friday night together, and then slept in very late on Saturday. London is about 8 hours ahead so my body is very confused. Last night we went out to a bar downtown called The Blarney Stone. It's an Irish pub. We went because it was Jarod's best friend Devon's birthday. It's a fun place because it's much more relaxed than normal clubs, and they even play Irish music.

Tonight Jarod and I are having his family over for dinner. I made baked macaroni and cheese (two types, one with fake cheese, the other real because Jarod is allergic to cheese). I also made a pineapple upside down cake for dessert, and now Jarod is making garlic bread and asparagus. I am really excited to have a good, home cooked meal.

whoops! Our guests are here so I have to go, but I'll post more later or tomorrow!

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Valerie said...

Sorry about your mom, that's horrible!! Glad she's okay though!! Can't wait to see your pics!!