Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So I think I have come to a realisation.

I am afraid of my art being judged and it not being amazing. I am terrified of putting my heart in to something and it turning out ugly. I think this is why I have had this artistic block. Jarod and I talked while driving to my parents boat last night and he told me that he thinks I got really into scrapbooking because it was something that was creative, but safe. I still felt like I was making art, but I wasn't really stepping outside of my comfort zone.

I think he's right.

I have been wanting to make pendants out of glass and collage material, and then solder the edges, so I needed some flux. So last night Jarod and I stopped at Canadian Tire and I picked some up. Then we stopped at Chapters because I wanted to look for a book that I heard about yesterday called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It is supposed to be amazing and helps you become more creative. I bought it, as well as the workbook to go with it. While we were there I checked out the craft books like always and discovered a new book called Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander. It is about making things out of glass, collage material, and solder! Just another strange coincidence in my life.

In the past couple days I have been making Christmas ornaments out of felt. So far I have made four of them; a star, a gingerbread man, a tree, and a sprig of holly. They take me about two hours each to make, so they aren't really worth selling because I would have to ask about $18.00 each for time and supplies, but they will be a nice addition to our tree this year. I think we will just get a small one for our entry because we can't fit anything else!

I almost forgot! Today is Halloween! Yesterday Jarod and I bought candy, not that I expect many kids tonight since we live in a condo and have no pumpkin. Actually, that is making me kind of sad. I didn't even take out my box of Halloween decorations from our storage locker. Jarod has to work tonight, so I guess I'll just sit with Gizmo and watch whatever scary movies are on TV while doing something artsy.

My parents are leaving today to drive to Toronto. I sure will miss them. But I think my brother, Graham, may be coming over for dinner next week which is great because we hardly ever hang out. In December Graham, Jarod, and I will be flying to Toronto for an early Christmas with my parents and Emily. Actually, I didn't really think about it before, but it will be nice for my parents to be closer to Emily for a few months. I know it has been hard on my mom living so far away from her.

It is time for me to clean. I did a big clean up the other day, cleaning the entire bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and entry, as well as doing tons of laundry. However, I didn't touch my nook because it is such a mess, and I have also made a mess out of the living room while making the ornaments. So I am going to go do that now, and then read some more of my new books!


.freckled.nest. said...

oh alice, i wish i could give you a hug. i read this today, and i think you should too. http://oneblackbird.blogspot.com/ go to the post from Oct13 called Damage Control.
i just had an idea! you will receive it before Christmas! a PRESENT!
i met another me yesterday. her name is Jill. If you me and her were together, it would be like a 3-way mirror. did you see your commercial yet? its for Biore ?Pore Minamizer?. the girls eyebrows are way too long, but otherwise, it's my alice commercial.
ps> ive been torturing tyson about Artistry since i hung up the phone with you saturday. he's acting like its not gonna happen-BUT!!! i think he's faking it! OH I HOPE!! i wanna hang with you and meet amazing artists and CRAFT CRAFT CRAFT! my heart feels so broken/determined about it. It would be SO FUN!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!
i really liked talking on sat. feels like we are long timers. do you like talking on the phone? i usually don't but i did with you. i sound gay.

.freckled.nest. said...

ONE MORE THING: Project Runway is on on Saturdays here. maybe you could catch it on the weekend. "Check your local listings" on our saturday station, theres a one week delay. next mondays episode, the oleson twins are on! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

.freckled.nest. said...

i found the supplies for Claudines class. Go here:
Can you email me the list/link you found for Ali's class, i couldn't find it. still hyper-excited.