Friday, October 13, 2006

going to Malta

Today is our last day in Athens. Yesterday we took a ferry over to one of the islands. It was fun, except that many of the restaurants had dead octopus hanging outside. We checked out little shops and took a horse drawn buggy ride. The island is known for its pistachios, so we bought some of them as well. Tomorrow we fly back to London very early in the morning, and then my sister flies back to Ontario. My mom and I are staying another two nights in London before flying to Malta on Monday Oct.16. Malta is an island in the Mediterranean. It should be really hot and I can finally get a tan! We found a really good last minute deal including flight, hotel (not hostel!), and breakfast and dinner each day. It is right be the beach. I am hoping we can just relax and lie on the beach and I can figure my life out. On Thursday the 19th we will be flying back to London for one night, and then we fly back to Vancouver on Oct.20th. Missing Jarod so much today it's making me sick. It's nice to see Emily again, and her boyfriend Mike is really nice. I'm not really acting like myself, which is sad, but I'm in a strange place in my head. Lots to think about lately. I wish I was five again. I remember being so happy when I was little. It was so nice to make art and do whatever I wanted. Now when I try and draw or paint or scrapbook I am thinking about how other people will judge it. I have a really hard time letting go. I am always thinking about what other people will think of me. Sometimes I buy clothes that I love and I never wear them because I am scared that I will be judged. I hate that about me.

Wasn't I talking about my vacation? I'm such a rambler. Oh well, now you know a little more about the complex mind of Alice.

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.freckled.nest. said...

Where in the world is Alice Sandiago? (Do you remember that show? lol)
How's the journey going?