Wednesday, September 13, 2006


ok.... so what have I done in the past 8 days?

Working. Lots. At Clipper Street and at Michaels. I have to have all the samples for Michaels finished and put up by Friday first thing. I'm hardly even half done, and I work at Clippers tomorrow from 2pm till 9:30pm. It's going to be a late night tonight. I taought my first class at Clipper Street today. I worked from 9:30am till 5pm, then taught from 6:30-8:45. I had four people in my class (although one was a co-worker). It was a pre-teen class, and was lots of fun. It took alot longer than I expected because they were so young. I had to teach them lots of basics (like how to use a paper cutter). At the end of each class we give each student an evaluation form so they can rate the instructor. It asks a bunch of questions and asks them to rate from 1-10. I got ALL 10's!! It made me very happy. I also had a meeting with Cory today. Cory is my managers manager. He wanted to know where I see myself going with the company, and if I have any issues. I told him I usually have nothing to do, and really want more tasks so I can prove I'm a hard worker. He said that he may get me to work in Coquitlam and do the website!! I think that would be awesome (no crabby customers). He is such a great manager, really cares about his employees. My manager Deanna got a promotion and is now in charge of all of the ordering, so the manager from Coquitlam is now the manager for Richmond and us in Langley as well. Her name is Jo. She is super nice.

Jarod and I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was a very simple wedding, outside in a gazebo. It was really fun. This picture was taken by Jarod's co-worker.

On Sunday my mom and I were going to go to Vancouver Island to visit my great grampa, but I was sick.

On Monday we went to Granville Island (one of my favorite places). We went to Paper Ya and I bought two books that I have been wanting. We also bought my favorite bagels, Segals Bagels, from the market. For dinner we met my friend Michelle and her friends and family at a sushi restaurant to celebrate her 26th Birthday. I love hanging out with her, she's such a doll. Jarod and I also poppy seed into Chapters and I bought a magazine, Somerset Studio. I have so many new books and magazines to read, and no time to read them!!

My house is a mess again... isn't it always!? So many things to do. So many other things that need to get done first.

That's all I can think of for now... Gizmo is doing great like always. Such a perfect dog. (Except for his new chewing fad). He will eat anything left on our coffee table... so hard to remember to move everything. He loves his bones and ropes and stuffed toys. He's always toting one around with him. He is really sweet when he sleeps at night. He always climbs up and sleeps with his head on my pillow, snuggled up to me. If he sees me put my shoes on and grab my purse than he runs and hides from me because he thinks I am going to put him in the bathroom. We keep him in the bathroom now instead of his crate so he has more room and can eat and drink and play.

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Anonymous said...

hey alice :)
you've been busy!! bet your aching to get home and 1)relax 2)craft.
i called you wednesday to say hi, but the machine clicked in.
the ki winners will be called on monday. i for see a looooong weekend, waiting till monday. excited!
hope you're doing well :)